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How to post a job on Careerjet?

Kelly Barcelos on December 18, 2020 in Insights

In this blog –

  • What is Careerjet?
  • Advantages of using Careerjet for job advertising
  • How to post a job on Careerjet? – Method 1
  • How to post a job on Careerjet? – Method 2

What is Careerjet?

Careerjet is a job search engine with its presence all over the world. Launched in the year 2001, Careerjet gives companies direct access to over 70 thousand quality job websites. This ensures that your jobs will reach out to thousands of applicants out there. In other words, it helps in improving your job reach.

Careerjet is currently available in 28 major languages. It has over 90 localized websites and is said to have published over 40 million job ads.

What are the advantages of using Careerjet in your job advertising strategy?

Careerjet is a job advertising platform that operates in most countries worldwide.

Here are some of the advantages of posting your job on Careerjet.

  • Lists your jobs on the top search results
  • Includes your jobs in job alerts
  • As Careerjet has a rich talent database belonging to various industries, you will receive quality candidate applications
  • You can also sponsor your job openings at cost-effective pricing.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, Careerjet also allows you unlimited access to their candidates’ database at a nominal fee. You can also use their intuitive CV Search Tool to find quality candidates for your job roles.

Method 1 – How to post a job on Careerjet?

Here’s how you can post your job opening on Careerjet.

  • Firstly, sign up for an account on Careerjet by entering your company information
  • Secondly, create a new job by entering the desired details about the job opening and checking out with the payments

Method 2 – How to post a job on Careerjet?

Here’s how you can post your jobs on Careerjet in a more simple and easy way.

Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that is integrated with Careerjet for seamless job postings. You can post your job openings on Careerjet for free in just a few clicks by using Jobsoid.

Creating a job in Jobsoid is very simple. Firstly, you need to enter the desired job title. Secondly, you should add an engaging job description that specifies the job requirements and responsibilities clearly. You can make use of Jobsoid’s extensive library of job description templates. HR Experts belonging to various industries have written these job descriptions especially for you.

Thirdly, enter the required details about the job such as job location, employment type, salary details, etc. Lastly once you have filled in the desired details, you can publish your job opening. Every job opening published on Jobsoid will be automatically sent to Careerjet for publication.

This help article will guide you to understand how to post a job opening on Jobsoid. How to post a job opening

You can also choose to sponsor your job openings on Careerjet to ensure your job reaches out to a larger talent pool.


To sum up, Careerjet is one of the leading job advertising platforms that has helped hundreds of companies from around the world in hiring talented professionals. You can use Jobsoid to post your jobs on Careerjet for free. Get started by creating a free account on Jobsoid.

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