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How to post a job on Jobrapido?

Kelly Barcelos on December 12, 2020 in Insights

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JobRapido is a leading job advertising platform established in the year 2006. It is one of the growing job aggregator platforms serving around 58 countries across the world.

Jobrapido analyses various job listing platforms from multiple countries and presents them on their one-stop platform. In addition to this, they help job seekers connect with their desired employers and find jobs matching their skillset in one place.

Headquartered in Milan, Jobrapido aims at revolutionalizing the entire job process. Jobrapido publishes over 20 million jobs every month. It also has a database of over 90 million users.

How to post a job on Jobrapido?

You can post your jobs on Jobrapido by following these simple steps –

  • Register for an Employer account on Jobrapido
  • Go to My Jobs on the dashboard
  • Now click on Add Job
  • Add your company details and the required details about the job role you are hiring for
  • To save and publish your job, click on the Confirm button

Jobrapido Pricing Plans

Jobrapido offers the following pricing plans for posting your job offers.

Basic1 Job Posting£ 99.99
Pack of 22 Job Postings£ 179.98
Hiring CampaignCustom Campaigns involving a custom number of jobs and budget

Isn’t this a lengthy way to post your job on Jobrapido? Here is a quick way to do so.

Best Way to Post Your Job on Jobrapido.

Create a Jobsoid account for free and post your jobs on Jobrapido in just a few clicks.

Jobsoid is integrated with Jobrapido and many other leading job boards for free job postings. All that you need to post your job opening on Jobsoid, and it will be automatically published on Jobrapido in just a few clicks.

Jobsoid has an extensive library of job descriptions belonging to various industries. These job description templates are written by HR Experts of the respective industry and are fully-customizable. You can use these job descriptions at the time of job creation and save time writing job descriptions.

Furthermore, you can also add custom questions as well as job-specific questionnaires to your job opening. This will help you in shortlisting the best-suited candidates for your roles.

Jobsoid is designed in such a way that you spend less time on job advertising and more time on shortlisting qualified professionals for your jobs. In addition to free job posting on Jobrapido, Jobsoid also allows you to manage your candidate applications in a customized recruitment workflow, schedule interviews for shortlisted candidates, and make collaborative hiring decisions. Jobsoid also helps you gain real-time insights into your recruitment performance. Thus, helping you identify the bottlenecks and optimize your hiring processes.

FAQs regarding Posting your Jobs on Jobrapido

1. How can I create an account on Jobrapido?
To create an account on Jobrapido, you will be required to fill in your company details on the Employer Signup Form. But if you are using Jobsoid, your account will be automatically created, and jobs will be posted.

2. Can I post my job on Jobrapido for free?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is create an account on Jobsoid. As Jobsoid is directly integrated with Jobrapido, you will be able to publish your jobs on Jobrapido for free in just a few clicks. Learn how you can publish your job on Jobsoid.

3. Can I delete the job I posted on Jobrapido?
Yes, you can certainly delete the job you posted on Jobrapido. All you have to do is unpublish your job on Jobsoid, and it will automatically be unpublished on Jobrapido. Your job might be visible on the platform, but it will not be accepting any applications.

Leverage a rapidly-growing job advertising platform, Jobrapido, for finding the best talent for your roles. So, sign up for a Free Jobsoid account and source talent from Jobrapido for free!

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