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How to post a job on Trovit?

Kelly Barcelos on March 2, 2021 in Insights

In this article, we will tell you How to post a job on Trovit?

What is Trovit?

Trovit is a vertical search engine that caters to job classifieds. Founded in the year 2006, Trovit is operational in around 51 countries across the world. It is available in 19 languages. It sources jobs from thousands of websites across the world and presents them in one single search.

Advantages of posting jobs on Trovit

Here are some of the benefits of posting your jobs on Trovit.

  • It is a powerful search engine that helps in saving time.
  • Job seekers can search for the desired jobs using filters and keywords. This ensures your jobs are visible to job seekers faster.
  • Trovit lets job seekers to set email and/or RSS alerts to be notified about new vacancies. Thus, it helps your jobs reach out to a larger candidate pool.
  • You can track and monitor the performance of your jobs. And, can then optimize your campaigns accordingly.

How to post a job on Trovit?

There is no direct way to post a job on Trovit. As Trovit sources jobs from various other websites, it does not offer a direct posting interface. You can post your job on Trovit directly in just a few clicks with the help of Jobsoid.

Jobsoid has partnered with Trovit for a seamless job posting experience. Every job opening that you publish on Jobsoid, it is automatically shared on Trovit without any manual efforts.

To post a job on Jobsoid,

  1. Click on New Job on Jobs List page
  2. Enter the job title and the job description. You can also choose from Jobsoid rich library of job descriptions
  3. Enter the required details about the job such as job location, department, employment type, salary details, etc.
  4. Once that is done, your job is ready to be published online.

In addition to the above, Jobsoid offers a host of other features such as questionnaires, skill sets, review criteria, and much more to customize your job opening. This help guide will surely help you understand how to post a job on Jobsoid.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Trovit.

1. What is Trovit?
Trovit is a job search engine that is operational in 52 countries across the globe.

2. Is Trovit free?
Yes, Trovit does offer a free trial to its users.

3. Is Jobsoid free?
Yes, absolutely. You can create a lifetime free account and get started with your hiring. You can sign up for your free account right away – Register for Free Account.

4. Where can I find engaging job descriptions for my jobs?
Jobsoid has a rich library consisting of around 800+ job descriptions belonging to various industries. These job descriptions are written by HR Experts and have everything required for an engaging job. You can use these job descriptions as they are or customize them according to your job requirement.

5. How many jobs can I publish at a time?
Once you sign up with Jobsoid, you will be on our Standard Trial Plan. It allows you to post up to 10 active job openings. Once your trial is over, you can post one active job opening at any given time.

6. How can I delete my job on Trovit?
Deleting your job on Jobsoid will automatically delete it on Trovit. In some cases, it might be visible on Trovit, but it will be in the inactive stage. It will not be accepting any applications.

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