How Recruiters Can Increase Productivity By 30%

Kelly Barcelos on February 20, 2021 in Recruitment Process

Do you wish that your day had more than 24 hours? Being into a recruiting organization, your recruiting staff is your biggest investment. Imagine what would happen if there were operational changes and you could increase recruiters productivity and double your profits.

Sounds good, right?

Here are a few productivity changes that you can make in your hiring process and see a dramatic effect on profits and improve increase recruiters productivity.

  1. Invest in Right Technology:

    Technology has now become inseparable from organizations. With advanced technology, recruiters can easily align all processes on one dashboard. Screening multiple resumes single-handedly is a tiresome task. It will not generate the desired result unless a tool is used to fasten the process. A tool like a resume parser helps recruiters quickly extract information from resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM. It will help recruiters save time on data entry and redistribute saved hours on their priority tasks.

  2. Empower Front-Line Decision Making:

    Authorize your recruiters to make the front-line decision that will boost your productivity. With this, you will help your recruiters to increase their decision-making skills. It all boils down to give away the urge to micromanage and helps the employer create more productive employees.

  3. Stop Multitasking:

    We all know recruiters lead a fast-paced workday that consists of emails, phones, LinkedIn reviews, data entry, live chats with candidates, etc. But it is important to understand whether multitasking is bringing the results you need. It is scientifically proven that multitasking is a myth.’ The human brain is hard-wired to do one thing at a time. Working on multiple things simultaneously, the quality of the work might suffer. It is better to concentrate on one task at a time. This will produce results of the highest quality.

  4. Create an Excellent Candidate Pool:

    The recruitment process is not just a means for hiring people when there is an urgent urge for it, but now it has become a more strategic process of building a long-lasting relationship with prospects. Recruiters should create specific communities to interact with candidates and keep them engaging. By doing so, recruiters can save time to spend on reaching out to all the candidates manually when there is a need for hiring.

  5. Implement Employee Referral Program:

    One of the recruiter’s biggest recruiting challenges is seeking talent. Many recruiters have begun to include their current employees in their hiring process to solve this issue. The programs like employee referral are now one of the most preferred tools to find the best fit. This program reduces the cost of recruiting and enhances retention and employment efficiency.

  6. Simplify the Process:

    Many candidates stop filling out an online application that’s too complicated. This is the era where recruiters have to attract GenZ candidates. GenZ candidates won’t even complete a job application if they find organization recruiting methods outdated. If your application process is too long and challenging, many applicants will switch to other websites. Thus, try to keep your hiring process as simple as possible. Recruiters can try out steps like eliminating cover letters, use mobile-friendly applications, and chatbots. Using all these tools in your recruiting process will help recruiters boost their productivity while searching for the candidate.

  7. Communicate with Candidates:

    To be successful in hiring, it is extremely important that HR professionals will remain in communication with each of their candidates. Delaying in responding to interested candidates can push them off your organization. Many candidates submit multiple offers and look forward to different opportunities from different organizations. If applicants don’t hear from you in a while, they won’t wait around. To keep your prospective restored, stay at the forefront of those candidates by being at the top of the inbox. Right communication strategies also build stronger relationships.

Implementing all these strategies, employers will empower their recruiting team by providing all the tools they need to do their jobs better. This will motivate everyone because, after all, excellence begets excellence.

This guest post is written by Snehil Sharma,  who works with CandidateZip, a leading coding-free resume parsing tool that extracts data from resumes/jobs and stores it into your existing ATS/CRM automatically. An MBA in HR & Marketing, she has over three years of work experience in strategic content writing.

Kelly Barcelos

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