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Do you wish to hire a Strategic Thinker? Top Interview Questions for You!

Poonam Jamuni on May 5, 2021 in Insights

Finding the most devoted candidate with an ability of strategic thinking can be overwhelming for the organization. Every company needs a Strategic Thinker for the smooth running of the business. It is this skill/ability in candidates that assist in transforming the company vision into reality.

To make the right decision in hiring a Strategic Thinker, the employer should ensure that the candidate understands the mission of the company. He/she should be able to think out of the box in a creative way. The candidate should also be able to solve all the problems on their own.

Basically, what is strategic thinking?

Strategic thinking is a rational thought process that involves in paying attention to critical factors to regulate the long-term success of a business.

A potential strategic thinker should be

  • Able to make long-term goals for the company.
  • Manage the resources in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Identify the risks involved in the business.
  • Formulate a plan of action within the given time.
  • Handle the competition in a flexible manner.

How to identify a strategic thinker?

  • Access the candidate’s analytical skills.
  • Understand their approach towards building strategies.
  • Telling the candidates to evaluate campaigns from the past.
  • Look if the candidate can spot the loopholes in the campaigns.
  • Set a hypothetical situation and understand how the candidates deal with it.
  • Note if the candidate can customize the campaigns according to the company’s needs.

Now that you know how to identify a strategic thinker, let us look at the interview questions you need to ask your candidates. These questions will not only guide you through the interview process but also will make you understand whether you should hire the candidate or not.

Top Interview Questions to Hire a Strategic Thinker

  1. How long do you devote to strategic planning?
  2. What is your approach towards strategic planning?
  3. How do you transmit your strategic decisions to your team?
  4. What are the significant factors you consider when you develop a strategic plan?
  5. What are the goals you will set for yourself and for your team?
  6. How do you measure the effectiveness of your strategy?
  7. How will you identify and find solutions for the issues found in the organization?
  8. Describe an incident that showcases your leadership qualities.
  9. How do you set and evaluate long-term goals for the organization?
  10. Express the time you failed to achieve the goal.

These were the top interview questions you can ask your candidates to level up your recruiting game.

When not to hire a prospective candidate?

  • Lack confidence in them
  • Uncomfortable in taking decisions
  • Poor change management abilities
  • Lacks decision-making skills.
  • Showcasing poor leadership skills.

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