How to speed up recruitment and hire qualified candidates

Using Mass Hiring to Speed Up Recruitment and Hire Qualified Candidates

Kelly Barcelos on May 20, 2022 in Applicant Tracking System


It’s easy to find employment these days, thanks to a proliferation of online job boards and job search websites. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also help maximize job search efforts.

This makes it easy for people to compare jobs, send out CVs, land interviews, and switch employers in a matter of weeks. So, the days when bosses enjoyed the luxury of having workers who stayed loyal for decades are over.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person spends just four years on average with one employer before switching to another. And younger workers aged 25 to 34 spend a median tenure of 2.8 years only.

Economic trends like the Great Resignation are quite worrisome for the corporate world since employees are taking matters into their own hands and choosing employment for its value. According to statistics, 4.5 million people quit their jobs in March 2022.

And while the US added around 431,000 jobs to the economy in March, it hasn’t been easy for HR departments to hire for these new positions.

The Advent of the High-Volume Hiring Phenomena

Mass hiring or high-volume hiring is when a company has to hire a large workforce in a short time. The mass hiring process creates planning, designing infrastructure, and gathering resources to hire qualified and experienced candidates.

Regular hiring focuses on filling out one or two roles in a company because this is when HR has time and flexibility to find the right candidate for the job. But in mass hiring, as we have discussed above, HR is short on time and has to hire hundreds of new employees without compromising quality.

Tips To Speed Up Recruitment Process To Hire Quality Candidates

Mass hiring is a challenging task because the company wants to hire many new, highly qualified employees in a limited timeframe. Luckily we have gathered valuable tips which you can use to speed up your hiring process to find potential candidates.

  1. Create an A-Team

    For executing any task, a team of professionals is mandatory. The HR team can start working on gathering a group of individuals within the organization because they have prior experience and knowledge of what skills are needed for the particular task.

    Hiring a new team can be costly and time-consuming, so it is better to include people from the organization. They can be managers, team leads, or other employees.

  2. Create a Plan

    A mass hiring plan helps an organization identify the goals and objectives of the company. It is better to break down the plan into subcategories, which will help the team follow it step-by-step.

    • Determine how many jobs you want to fill and what new roles are required. When the need for the workforce is clear, it speeds up finding the right candidates.
    • Any company looking to hire candidates must gain an edge over their competitors. Companies do not want to let go of valuable employees in this fast-paced corporate world, so it is better to get an insight into the local job market and offer employee benefits, for example, providing life insurance to new employees.
    • The best way to create an enticing job post is to get help from existing employees from specified departments to develop skills requirements. Be precise on your job post to clarify what you’re looking for. Only then do people with a particular skill set apply to your job listing.
    • Analyze your budget for the hiring process. Mass hiring can be costly for organizations, so calculate each metric and create a budget to work with.
    • Create a deadline for your hiring procedure. You have to set a deadline before the CEO’s deadline to avoid miscommunication and errors. For example, if your CEO has asked to hire 100 new employees within a month, your goal should be to complete the process within 20 or 25 days.
    • Prioritize finding candidates for job roles that are critical to business success. For example, if you are an IT company looking to expand operations, you need to get managers, software engineers, developers, and IT consultants first to continue operations. Then you can go for admin or mailroom staff and even hire a chief compliance officer to make sure things work the right way.
  3. Increase Your Outreach

    Companies sometimes struggle to find the right employees because they have a small pool of candidates. It is better to expand your candidate outreach through various marketing channels to get highly qualified candidates.

    The more candidates go through your recruitment funnel, the more chances you have of finding the right workforce. There are several ways to expand your candidate outreach and get maximum views on your job post:

    • Advertise on social media. About 79% of job seekers use social media to find new jobs, so keep your social media pages up to date. Use sponsored ads and choose your target audience carefully to get more outreach on social media. SM advertising even offers the luxury of location targeting and helps you find workers from a particular area only.
    • Job fairs are also an excellent method of getting many candidates for your organization. If a company is looking to hire a younger workforce of fresh graduates, colleges and universities are the right places to place a job fair.
    • Walk-in interviews and applications can also bring applications from valuable candidates.
  4. Use Technology

    Technology can reduce the time and energy spent on paperwork, filtering out the candidates, emailing them for an interview, and providing feedback. In mass hiring, time is crucial, and working with hundreds of applications can be problematic.

    Integrate application tracking software with your hiring procedure to automate and speed up the process while keeping data safe and error-free. You should also consider using business texting tools like GetWeave or even CRM email marketing Software.

  5. Create a Fast and Effective Screening Process

    Mass recruitment requires the screening of hundreds of applications. Use AI to sort the applications to your needs. If you have specific criteria for a skill set, take online assessments or tests for shortlisted candidates to narrow the search for new employees.

    Online assessments help search faster by filtering out the applications based on skill scores. When you finally have the best-qualified candidates left, call them to interview as early as possible.

    You have now finalized the required workforce, and the hiring process is closed, but this doesn’t mean your work with applicants is over. Professional companies provide feedback to applicants who were not selected. These acts show respect towards the remaining candidates and help them grow.


Whatever the situation may be, Great Resignation or expansion of the company, your HR department should always be ready to hire new employees.

The hiring process takes time and effort but once created in the right manner with proper steps, it takes little to no time to implement when needed, especially when combined with artificial intelligence and new technology.

The right employees find you quickly when you follow the right strategies and show them the way to personal and professional success.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.