Mobile Recruiting Apps

Recruit from any place and at any time with Jobsoid Mobile Apps. View your candidates, create jobs, schedule interviews and much more. Bring your entire recruitment process at your fingertips.

Jobsoid Recruiter

Carry out your recruitment process on the go with the recruiter companion mobile app.

Quick access to jobs and candidates

Access all the jobs that you create and the candidate applications you receive easily on your mobile phone.

Seamless communication with candidates

Make the best use of the built-in email sending and receiving feature to communicate with your candidates effectively.

Effective collaboration with your team

Involve your team in the hiring process by coordinating with them regularly and make collective hiring decisions.

Easy rating of candidate profiles

Rate your candidates based on certain review criteria. Add a comment to your review if you wish to. You can also share your review with your team members.

Jobsoid Video

Simplify the hiring process by screening candidates on a quick video interview.

Easy scheduling

Fill out a simple form, add questions and you have scheduled an interview. Quick. Isn’t it?

Unlimited questions

Ask any number of questions to your candidates. There is no limit on the number of questions you ask.

Add multiple candidates

Send out multiple interview invites to the candidates. You can also add candidates on the go.

View responses conveniently

All responses are saved as a playlist in Jobsoid. You can view it at your convenient place and time.

Bring your entire recruitment funnel at your fingertips!