excel and outlook are not recruiting tools. use ats

Outlook and Excel aren’t recruitment tools

Jobsoid Team on September 16, 2016 in Recruitment Process

Considering Outlook and Excel as a recruitment tool is a common misconception. A very large number of organizations still lag behind in the adoption of technology. It is because of this particular problem that they consider Outlook and Excel as tools of recruitment. Subsequently, the organizations using Excel and Outlook for fulfilling their needs of hiring should certainly assess their approach and rethink on their conceptual basics.

If your process of the recruitment process is based on Microsoft Excel and Outlook, then your organization is missing out a lot.

Disadvantages of using Excel and Outlook for the process of hiring

  • Waste of time

    When you start recruiting using email and excel spreadsheet it implies that you will have to spend a considerable amount of time in copying and pasting the data from the description of job post, confirmation of emails and many other things.The process becomes repetitive and hence tiring for the person doing it. It, therefore, increases the chances of errors.

  • Lousy experience for the candidates

    When your recruitment process has gaps in it, the candidates will surely have an unimpressive impression of your organization. For the success of any business, the reputation of the organization needs to be maintained.Using Excel and Outlook makes the process slow and loses the interest of the best talent eventually.

  • Manual promotion of vacancies

    Along with the keeping track of candidates resumes and job applications, the manual promotion of job post becomes necessary. On each platform, the job post is to be uploaded manually and have no success with the search engines.

  • No judgment for talent

    Like all the cloud-based recruitment softwares Excel and Outlook do not have the capabilities of creating a talent pool of the candidates.For sorting out the best talent, you have to rely on your judgment that increases the chances of missing out the best one out of so many job applications.

For all such reasons online applicant tracking system has been devised has highly automated the task of recruitment. To fill the gaps, technology has evolved cloud-based recruitment software which collects the information of an organization’s recruitment requirements in a database.Once the information has been received, Applicant Tracking System gives an automatic procedural format to the handling of resumes of the applicants on the behalf of the HR personal.

Another modern method of recruiting used by organizations at the present is social recruiting. The organizations take advantage of the highly utilized social websites to get to their desired candidate. These sites incorporate sub tools into their system for hiring. Social sites are majorly considered a tool for recruitment.

Excel and Outlook lack the essential features of recruitment that could be easily fulfilled by an online applicant tracking system. The process of recruitment becomes ineffective and inefficient. The reputation of the organizations becomes vulnerable when the HR of the organization is not able to proceed effective recruitment. It is, therefore, important to adapt to the changing scenarios of the world and adopt automation in the process of hiring.


Jobsoid Team