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12 Quick team building activities to boost employee performance

Kelly Barcelos on September 8, 2017 in HR Management

HR technology has transformed hiring, making it much faster and easier for recruiters to identify, attract, engage, and hire high-quality candidates.

The time that an applicant tracking system frees up by automating the manual and mundane can be constructively invested on corporate team building activities that boost employee morale, improve communication and make your workplace more productive.

Fortunately, such teamwork activities don’t have to be a time-consuming and costly affair. The success of any organization depends on how well its employees connect with each other and how they form mutually beneficial relationships to boost the bottom line.  

Here’s a list of ultimate team building activities that will neither disrupt your daily schedule nor take a toll on your employee engagement budget but will definitely motivate your employees to move out of their comfort zone and do better:  

  1. Two Truths, One Lie

    Have every employee list down 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves on a piece of paper but ask them not to reveal their answers. Once they have listed their answers, ask them to read out all the 3 statements out loud to their colleagues and have people vote on which one they think is a lie.

    How does it help? This game improves communication and helps everyone get to know each other’s personalities better.

  2. Coin Logo Ice Breaker

    Start by asking everyone to empty all the coins from their purses and wallets and place them on their work desk. Instruct everyone to design their own logo using the coins and other materials like pen, paper, and other stationary items that are handy.Once they have finished the logo creation, ask each one to explain the logo to their team members.

    How does it help? This team bonding activity helps break the ice, promotes creativity and self-awareness while also allowing participants to know each other better on a personal level.

  3. Life Highlights

    Ask the participants to close their eyes for a minute and visualize the most cherished memories of their life. While the participants are running through the best moments of their life, ask them to take a minute and decide which memory of their life they would want to relive if they had only 30 seconds of their life left.

    How does it help? This team building activity enables your employees to know each other at a more intimate level by giving team members insights into each other’s personalities, priorities, passions and preferences.

  4. Classification

    Instruct everyone to introduce themselves to their team members and after the introduction is done, ask the participants to divide themselves into two or three teams with categories that are neither negative nor discriminating or judgemental. For example, these categories can be like pizza lovers, night owls, movie buffs and the like.

    How does it help? This team game encourages co-workers to know the nature of all individuals within their team.

  5. Sneak Peek

    This is a problem-solving activity for which you would need building blocks. You can divide the team members into small teams of 4 each and give each team member enough materials to duplicate the structure that you build using the building blocks. The instructor will build a small structure while hiding it from the group.One member from every team can come and take a look at the structure for 10 seconds and memorize it. Every team is then given exactly one minute to recreate the same structure.

    How does it help? This game teaches team members to communicate more effectively and solve problems as a team.

  6. Picture Pieces

    This team game requires the instructor to pick a famous cartoon character with peculiar details. The picture is then cut into pieces that form a puzzle. Every team member is given one piece of the puzzle to create a complete picture. Not knowing how their individual puzzle pieces will affect the bigger picture, everyone creates a copy of their own and when they are done, a giant copy of the original picture is created.

    How does it help? This team bonding activity teaches participants to work as an individual and understand how every person’s work and creative thinking contributes to the overall result.

  7. Plane Crash

    In this game, you need to divide the participants into two or three groups and make them imagine that they are in a crashing plane. Now ask them to look around and pick 10 important objects that they would want to bring along with them. Also ask them to rank these 10 objects in the order of importance from most to least.

    How does it help? The objective of this team bonding game is to improve the decision-making and problem solving ability of every employee and see how they can perform as a team in challenging situations.

  8. Lost at Sea

    In this game, participants must pretend that they are on a ship which has been wrecked and they are stranded on an island with a lifeboat. Every team will have a box of matches, food supplies and other important items that they managed to save from the sinking ship. There must be mutual agreement among members regarding the items that they think are essential for their survival.

    How does it help? This game enhances problem-solving skills as all the team members are required to analyze information, consult each other and agree with one another when arriving at an important decision. It also encourages team members to listen to each other, cooperate with one another, and make thoughtful decisions.

  9. Road Map

    In this game, the instructor would need to divide the group into two teams with equal members on each side. Every group should be given paper, pens, and a map while ensuring that every group has the same map. Then ask both the teams to plan a vacation within specific parameters and give them the same start and end destination. Also, give both the teams a list of essential supplies like food, car, and money which they would need during the travel. Each group should then pen down their travel plans while ensuring they do not run out of money or gas.

    How does it help? The objective of playing this game is to get co-workers to get together as a team with a common goal of planning a trip in less than 15 minutes.

  10. Egg Drop

    Again you would need to split the group into two teams with equal members and design an egg package that can survive a six-foot drop without breaking. The teams can use a variety of materials to build their egg package and they also need to prepare a short 30-second advert to convey what makes their package unique. Following the advert, each group would have to drop their package to see if their product actually works.

    How does it help? This activity teaches communication skills, teamwork, and most importantly teaches team members to work towards achieving a common goal successfully. 

  11. Slice and Dice

    This is a trust building activity which should preferably be conducted outdoors with a group of 20 or more participants. All the participants must be instructed to form two lines and stand facing each other with their armsstretched out in front of them. Their arms should be intersecting with the arms of the people standing opposite to them to form a corridor.

    The person standing at the end of this corridor will then pass through the line while the other participants raise and lower their arms. This process will continue until everyone has had their turns and people gain the confidence to run or sprint. In the last round, the participants who form the corridor should be instructed to chop their arms as people run through.

    How does it help? This team game helps build trust among teammates while they are also having fun.
  12. Fun Run

    This is another trust building exercise that can be done in a large, open area with grass. The participants can pick their own partner where one will be designated as the leader and the other as the follower. The leader is supposed to give verbal instructions to the blindfolded follower when they are out on a slow walk for 3 minutes.

    This exercise is to be performed while holding hands so the blindfolded follower gets accustomed to the leader who is giving out all the instructions. The walk should then be followed by a jog and finally by a fast 15-second run with breaks in between. The leader can then become the follower and repeat the exercise. At the end of the activity, the follower can remove the blindfold and rest for a while.

    How does it help? You can have a discussion to find out if it was difficult for the participants to trust their partners and also know their experiences.

All of these team building activities fun, challenging, and the best part – all can be performed at little to no cost. So get your team together and get started with these quick and easy corporate team building activities!

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.