Harness the power of your employee network

Let your employees help you in hiring the best talent by recommending candidates to you. Invite them to sign up for your referral portal.

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Choose who registers for your referral portal

You are in complete control of who signs up for your employee referral program. No unnecessary sign ups, no more spams!

  • List down the email domains to allow referral account creation
  • Invite your employees to sign up by sending an email invite
Choose who registers for your referral portal - Referral Settings
Jobsoid has simplified the process of applicant tracking altogether.

Right from posting jobs to giving direct feedback on candidates, Jobsoid takes care of all nitty-gritties of our hiring process. It has not only simplified candidate tracking and management for us but also, enhanced team collaboration and candidate experience for us.

Milind Halbe, HR Manager, LogicalDNA
Jobsoid was a great decision.

Jobsoid is an efficient recruitment software that has simplified our recruitment processes. Giving us easy access to our interviews, Jobsoid has saved us from the hassles of interview scheduling. We are now able to manage and maintain records of the interviews. We can also share our feedback about candidates with the team conveniently.

Reshma Shetye, Assistant Manager - HR, Mirum Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Jobsoid saved me from so much recruiting efforts and lessened our hiring time.

Jobsoid has saved ample of our recruiting time and efforts. It is extremely user-friendly and has all the necessary features to simplify our recruitment processes. Jobsoid is a must tool if you are looking forward to hire new talent for your organization.

Lise-Andree Duperre, Recruiter, Gologic Inc.

Job Sharing on Multiple Platforms

Let your employees share the job openings in their connections and help you in finding the best qualified candidate for the open roles.

  • Share jobs on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Send the details of the job openings over an email
  • Use the custom referral code to share jobs on other channels

You no longer have to advertise your jobs extensively on numerous platforms. Your employees will recommend the best suited candidates to you.

Job Sharing on Multiple Platforms

Fast assessment, Faster hiring

You will never be required to start candidate hunting from scratch. Your employees will recommend the best qualified candidates to you.

Employee referrals are best because –

  • Better quality of candidates
  • No time spent on lengthy background checks and phone screens
  • Cost-effective recruiting solution
Fast Assessment, Faster Hires

Have your employees help you in hiring the best talent

Enable your referral portal today and decrease the recruitment efforts of your hiring team!