Get Better Talent Through Referrals

Make your employees a part of your hiring process. Set up a referral portal to get in quality recommendations and better talent.

Employee Referral Portal - Header Image
Take a look at how you can attract better talent via a referral portal on Jobsoid.

Remain updated through a comprehensive dashboard

Login to your Jobsoid account to monitor performance of your referral programme. Have complete control of who signs up to avoid unnecessary spams. Build engagement by sending sign up email invites to employees. Restrict unwarranted email accounts by only listing email domains you wish to allow referral account creation.

Choose who registers for your referral portal - Referral Settings

Share jobs in your social network

Make the job listings visible on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to garner greater visibility. Connect your social media accounts with your referral code to make this happen. Also, you click on the ‘Share via Mail’ tab to send job posts to selected recipients.

Job Sharing on Multiple Platforms

Easy access to current jobs

Have all the active jobs imported and displayed onto your referral portal. Share the jobs on one or all your social media networks to draw candidates attention. Few clicks to have the jobs posted across channels.

Fast Assessment, Faster Hires

Thinking how to begin smarter recruiting?

Boost your recruitment efforts and employee engagement. Sign up for free with Jobsoid to connect with the best from the industry!