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From Sourcing to Onboarding and Everything in Between
100+ Smart Recruitment Strategies to Source Stellar Candidates,
A Definitive Guide covering everything from key features to functionality to business benefits.
Everything You need to know about building your company's reputation and talent brand.
A Comprehensive Guide to help you with how to hire employees.
A Guide for writing a Good Job Offer Letter.


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An online library of customizable job description templates for every industry.
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The Ultimate Job Description Swipe File
A complete checklist for creating a job description that stands out.
Job descriptions are the first thing your candidates see when they apply for your jobs. Writing an engaging job description plays a major role in attracting the best talent .This eBook is a complete checklist for creating a job description that stands out.
The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding
This ebook is everything you need to build a strong employer brand!
Employer branding plays a major role in attracting talented professionals to your organization. It is not just about posting engaging job postings. It also involves many other aspects of hiring like candidate experience, talent branding, company culture, etc. This ebook contains everything you need to know to build a solid employer brand.
An Easy Guide to Boosting Your Employer Branding on Instagram
Learn everything you need to know about employer branding on Instagram!
Although Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, it is very important to strengthen your talent brand on Instagram. The entire millennial generation is out there on Instagram planning their next job change. Follow this easy guide to boost your employer brand and Instagram and tap into that amazing talent.
The Dummies Guide to Employer Branding on Social Media
Read this dummies guide to build an amazing employer branding on social media.
Potential candidates, today, research about a company on social media before applying to jobs in that company. Having an amazing employer brand on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. hence becomes necessary. This guide about employer branding on social media will teach you how to build a successful employer brand.

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Paul Downey, Human Resources Coordinator
Recruitment has always been a nightmare for our hiring team. Jobsoid simplified it all for us.
Davide Botto, Chief Executive Officer


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