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An all in one recruiting software designed for both Hiring Managers and Recruiters. Powerful online tools specially designed to simplify your hiring process.

Jobsoid for Hiring Managers

Whether you are hiring for multiple positions or for a single one, Jobsoid takes care of your hiring process right from receiving candidate applications upto hiring the best-fit candidate.

Login accounts for entire team

Create user accounts for your hiring team. Assign different user roles for different levels of access permissions. Let every member of your hiring team be engaged in your recruiting process.

Better collaboration with hiring team

Collaborate with your team members by discussing candidates, sharing reviews and assigning tasks. Let hiring be a collective decision of your recruiting team.

Interview scheduling simplified

Schedule interviews with the help of our built-in email and calendar. Create group interviews with time slots and let candidates choose a convenient slot for their interviews. Stay updated about interview confirmations with real-time notifications.

Video interviewing

Schedule a video interview and send interview invites by email. Your candidates can simply download Jobsoid Video Interview App and answer the interview on their mobile phones.

Smart Filter Intelligence

Shortlisting candidate profiles is a breeze with Jobsoid Smart Filter. Candidate profiles are scored based on their relevance to job profile. Speed up your hiring by looking at the most relevant candidates first.

Posting jobs on multiple channels

Advertise your jobs on various job boards and social media networks in just a few clicks. Link your website careers page with Jobsoid and start showcasing your postings immediately.

Jobsoid for Recruiters

Manage your candidate pool and share with your clients seamlessly. Jobsoid Recruiter is designed keeping in mind the needs of a recruiting agency and aims at simplifying the routine tasks of every recruiter.

All candidates in one place

Manage your candidate pool in the cloud. A centralized platform to manage all your candidates profiles. Sort, filter and shortlist candidates on a unified recruitment framework with just a few clicks.

Marketing Campaigns

Send personalized email messages to multiple candidates at once. Save emails as templates for reuse. All your campaign marketing needs built into your favorite recruiting solution.

Sharing of candidate profiles

Let Jobsoid send candidate profiles as a time-limited secure link to get client feedback. Alternatively, download anonymized PDF files to send via email. Share only the information you want your clients to view.

Saved Filters

Select the criteria that are most relevant to your job opening and filter out candidate profiles instantly. Save these filters once and use them for future assignments.


Add tags to group your candidates into categories. Tags help in easy filtering of desired candidate profiles.


An easy way to pre-screen your candidates! Ask job-specific questions to your candidates with the help of questionnaires.

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