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Excellent Candidate Sourcing

Employ effective candidate sourcing techniques to source qualified professionals in your talent pool. Install Jobsoid Chrome Plugin to source impressive candidates from your LinkedIn connections. Set up an employee referral portal and ask your team to recommend the best-fit candidates to you.

Maintaining your Talent Pool in Jobsoid

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Amazing, futuristic & easy to use ATS system!

Jobsoid is a tool that made our lives easier by streamlining our recruitment process. Once we had the demo with Jobsoid, we realized that Jobsoid is everything we needed. The UI is so easy to navigate. All information is readily available in one place. Jobsoid has been well received by our Global HR Team.

Dominic Scales, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Destinations of the World
Jobsoid helped us grow 30 - 100 in less than 12 months!

Ever since we have started using Jobsoid, we have been able to put a fully functional end-to-end recruiting tool in place. Our entire team uses it everyday. They have integrated almost every feature and improvement that we have requested this past year. It is because of Jobsoid that we could say bye to tiring excel documents.

Stephanie Steel, Chief of Staff, Shift Technology
We reduced HR effort by 35-40% ever since we started using Jobsoid.

Since we started using Jobsoid as our recruitment tool, we are getting a clear view on what channels applicants are using to reach VIB. Jobsoid is very user friendly, for candidates as well as for hiring managers. We can now focus on the essential parts of job selection and not the details.

Marijke Lein, HR Director, VIB
Jobsoid automates the recruitment process plus makes you mobile!

It has revolutionalized my recruitment process. You have all the information of the candidate and entire conversation history in just a few clicks. Jobsoid support is talented and dedicated to their work. A big thanks to Jobsoid Team!

Dr. Panos Voglis, Founder, Voglis Co Ltd.
Jobsoid has brought consistency in our recruitment procedures.

Jobsoid Support has been extremely accommodating whilst helping us get Jobsoid up and running. They talk me through my questions so I fully understand what I am doing. They will always try and make a fix for you as soon as possible and often get it sorted earlier than they anticipated. Always prompt and accurate!

Debbie Bullock, Group Opportunities Manager, English Lakes Hotels, Resorts and Venues
Smart Interview Scheduler

Schedule interviews for your candidates with Jobsoid’s smart interview scheduler and make interview scheduling hassle-free for your team. Create interview time slots to let your candidates choose the desired time for their interview. Screen candidates on a video and bid goodbye to the preliminary interview round for good.

Smart Interviews for smarter people

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Coordinate with every member of your recruiting team online by creating recruiting accounts for them on Jobsoid. Discuss candidates, allocate duties, set task reminders, etc., and make informed hiring decisions. Connect with your recruiters and staffing agencies by inviting them to share candidates via Jobsoid.


Free Design Industry Job Descriptions for You

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Web Designer
  • Junior Designer
  • UX Designer
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Smart FIlter Intelligence
Shortlist candidates
in a jiffy

Quicken your candidate shortlisting process with Jobsoid's Smart Filter Intelligence. This filter is powered by Artificial Intelligence and uses Machine Learning algorithms to score candidate profiles according to their relevancy to the jobs. You no longer have to manually review hundreds of candidate resumes to find the best hire!

Candidate Messaging
Engage with candidates

Communicate with your candidates directly from Jobsoid without using your email inbox or phone. Configure your hiring workflow to send automated recruitment updates and acknowledgement emails to applicants. Engage your candidates in meaningful conversations and deliver a great brand and candidate experience.

Intelligent insights with advanced Reports
Monitor recruitment performance seamlessly

Stay updated about the performance of your recruitment process at all times. Have a bird-eye view of your recruitment data on intelligent dashboard. Derive intelligent reports to gain insights into your recruiting performance. Identify the bottlenecks and other hiring challenges and take measures to optimize the same.

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