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Hire talented professionals for your educational institution in just a few steps. Bring your entire recruitment process on Jobsoid and hire the best talent with minimal effort.

Centralized Candidate Database

Receive and manage all your candidate applications in a centralized, online talent pool. Forward applications you receive on email to Jobsoid’s Resume Parser enabled email address. Access candidate profiles in just a few clicks.

Maintaining your Talent Pool in Jobsoid

Amazing, futuristic & easy to use ATS system!

Jobsoid is a tool that made our lives easier by streamlining our recruitment process. Once we had the demo with Jobsoid, we realized that Jobsoid is everything we needed. The UI is so easy to navigate. All information is readily available in one place. Jobsoid has been well received by our Global HR Team.

Dominic Scales, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Destinations of the World
Jobsoid helped us grow 30 - 100 in less than 12 months!

Ever since we have started using Jobsoid, we have been able to put a fully functional end-to-end recruiting tool in place. Our entire team uses it everyday. They have integrated almost every feature and improvement that we have requested this past year. It is because of Jobsoid that we could say bye to tiring excel documents.

Stephanie Steel, Chief of Staff, Shift Technology
We reduced HR effort by 35-40% ever since we started using Jobsoid.

Since we started using Jobsoid as our recruitment tool, we are getting a clear view on what channels applicants are using to reach VIB. Jobsoid is very user friendly, for candidates as well as for hiring managers. We can now focus on the essential parts of job selection and not the details.

Marijke Lein, HR Director, VIB
Enhanced Team Collaboration

Bring your entire hiring team on Jobsoid and allocate them access-based user roles. Discuss candidate profiles, assign tasks, get notified about upcoming interviews, etc. directly on one centralized system. Make better hiring decisions by collaborating with every team member.

Collaborate with your entire team online

Smart Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews with your candidates in less than 5 minutes. Ask your team to connect their Google/Microsoft calendars to Jobsoid and have the best interview times suggested to you. Screen your candidates on video and save time on conducting preliminary interview rounds.

Smart Interview Scheduling

Job Descriptions

  • Guidance Counselor
  • Biology Teacher
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Child Care Teacher
Recruiting for the Education Industry is now simplified!

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Candidate Messaging
Better Candidate

Engage your candidates in your recruitment process by sending regular recruitment status updates. Communicate with your candidates via an email or a text message directly via Jobsoid, without using your phone or email inbox. Deliver great candidate experience by building friendly relationships with your applicants.

Smart FIlter Intelligence
Smart Filter

Accelerate your candidate shortlisting process with the help of Smart Filter Intelligence. Jobsoid's AI-powered Smart Filter will suggest you the best-fit candidates based on your job requirements. No more reviewing hundreds of candidate resumes to find that perfect fit!

Mobile recruiting

Access your recruiting data on the go with Jobsoid's mobile recruiting apps. Download Jobsoid Recruiter Mobile App on your Android/iOS phone. Bring the recruitment of your organization at your fingertips and get started with mobile recruiting.

Simplify hiring with Jobsoid

Optimize your hiring process to hire the best professionals for your educational organization.
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