Talent Acquisition Platform for Hiring Managers

A complete recruiting platform designed to simplify recruitment process in organizations of all sizes. Everything you need to hire the best talent, including branding, advertising, communication and collaboration tools.

Branded Careers Portal

Design your careers portal and showcase your company brand. Get all your job postings updated in real-time.

Convey a professional image with

  • Beautifully designed pages
  • Rich information about your company
  • Image galleries

Leave a lasting first impression on your candidates with this mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly mini website.

Advertise Jobs to multiple channels

Reach out to potential candidates by advertising your jobs on various job boards, social media or your company website. All your job advertising done from one central online account. No need to juggle between different job boards and social sites.

posting jobs to premium job boards

Collaborative Recruitment

Invite your entire hiring team to be a part of Jobsoid. No back and forth emails and phone calls to your team members required. Collaborate online  in the decision making process and hire the best talent with minimum effort.


Send and receive emails

Communicate with your candidates via email directly through Jobsoid. Receive candidate replies into Jobsoid. Entire thread of email communication tracked on the candidate profile gives you the freedom to recruit without using your email software.

email text messaging

Shortlist candidates faster

Choose the best-fit candidates from your talent pool with Smart Filter Intelligence. The fastest way to find candidates relevant to your job profile. Accelerate your hiring process with this intelligent tool and focus on hiring the best talent.

smart filter intelligence

Recruiting software for the modern HR

An all-in-one recruitment software intuitively designed for simplifying all HR-related tasks