Talent CRM for Recruiting Agencies

A recruitment CRM designed for recruiting agencies to manage their entire recruiting business online. A platform to source, engage and hire great talent for your clients.

Collaborate with your clients

Share candidate profiles with your clients or decision makers. Candidate profiles shared as a time-limited secure link accessible only to your clients.

Share profiles with decision makers or clients, giving them access candidate information and provide feedback.

  • Give your clients access to candidate profiles without sending separate emails
  • Allow clients to provide feedback on candidates
  • Clients can download attachments if given access
  • Decide what clients can access with built-in privacy settings
share profiles

Source candidates faster

Fill your open positions by sourcing talent the easy way. Source candidates from multiple channels into your online talent pool on Jobsoid.

  • Chrome Plugin to source candidates from LinkedIn
  • All applications received directly into your Jobsoid
  • Candidate applications received in email converted to candidate profiles
  • Convert resumes automatically into candidate profiles using built-in resume parser
  • Import candidates from a spreadsheet

Candidate tracking simplified

Construct your custom recruitment pipeline and track your candidates across various stages of recruitment. Get all the recruitment information in a few clicks. The charts and graphs will also help you in knowing your current recruitment status.

smart filter intelligence

Search candidates using various filters

Looking for any particular candidate is simplified with search and various filter options. You can filter candidates based on the jobs they apply for, the source of the application, tags if any, etc. You can also save the filters you have applied and use it in future.

centralized talent pool

Communicate with the candidates easily

Say bye to your email client for good. All communication with the candidate can be done from their profile itself. Send and receive emails to candidates with ease on Jobsoid. You can also send out quick SMSes and bulk emails to your candidates.

automated bulk communication

An all-in-one Applicant Tracking Software for Recruiting Agencies

Streamline every step of your recruiting process and source the best talent