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12 Essential Steps to Attract The Right Talent

Kelly Barcelos on June 10, 2016 in Recruitment Strategy

A bad hire can eat away a massive chunk of your business revenue, and so, it is important to make the right choice, the first time. Hiring the right employees can maximize your returns in terms of high employee morale, high productivity, and increased revenue.

12 Time-efficient and cost-effective tips to attract top talent

  1. Build a Powerful Employer Brand

    Building a solid brand identity is not just important for selling products or services. If your employer brand is not memorable, your job postings are not specific and your careers site does not stand out, then they will be passed over by the best candidates in favor of offerings that are unique, compelling, clear and engaging.

    An authentic and attractive employer brand is clearly reflected in its own careers site and job descriptions. Employee videos, client testimonials, awards, images depicting a unique company culture and job descriptions that offer growth opportunities with an attractive compensation will attract top talent for every job opening.

  2. Define the Job Before Hiring an Employee

    The job analysis needs to be done before initiating the hiring process. The job analysis involves collecting information about the necessary skills, duties, responsibilities, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. This information is fundamental to developing the job description, which plays an important role in planning the recruiting strategy for hiring the right employee.

  3. Plan Your Recruitment Strategy

    Attracting the right fit for a job requires recruitment strategies that align with the company’s growth plan. Start with your job description that clearly outlines your ideal candidate profile and job responsibilities. Your job description will not only attract top talent but also eliminate irrelevant applicants.

  4. Prepare a Checklist to Stay on the Right Track

    A hiring checklist for recruiters helps simplify and streamline every step of the recruitment process. It also allows recruiters to keep a constant track of their efforts and stay organized while keeping the entire team updated with the progress.

  5. Tap the Most Effective Recruitment Channels

    Most companies restrict their job ads to traditional recruitment channels and lose out on popular platforms where they can easily tap both active and passive talent.

    ATS is designed to help employers spread awareness about their job openings by integrating with:

    • Trusted career networks
    • Niche job boards
    • Professional networks
    • Talent Communities
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Facebook and LinkedIn
  6. Make the Application Process more Candidate-friendly

    The candidate experience starts even before your very first interaction with your potential employee takes place. It is your application process that can make or break the candidate experience so make sure it is neither complicated and repetitive nor lengthy and time-consuming.

    Jobsoid’s applicant tracking and phone system is a cloud-based talent acquisition software designed to offer a positive candidate experience to every applicant. It facilitates easy customization of the application form so busy job-seekers can easily apply from their smartphones on-the-go.

    Recruiters can also install a careers tab on their company’s Facebook page and allow job seekers to apply directly from their facebook profile without having to visit the careers site.

  7. Pre-screen Candidates in Minutes with an ATS

    Want to ask job-specific questions to your potential employees? Create customized pre-screening questionnaires that allow you to view responses in a structured format and screen the right fit without any stress. Or, simply schedule convenient Jobsoid video interviews to quicken the initial screening process.

    Also, what most recruiters fail to do is follow-up with candidates especially, when they are managing a big number. This inability to keep candidates informed at every stage often results in negative employer reviews on social media. If you don’t want your employer brand to suffer a major blow, keep your potential employees engaged and informed with automated emails and instant notifications.

  8. Review all Candidate Applications Carefully

    Prepare a list of your desired credentials, skills, experience, and personality traits as a part of your recruitment process. Screen every application you receive against your list to filter the most qualified candidates that are a true fit for your openings. This will also save the time of the interviewing panel.

  9. Always be on the Lookout for Leaders

    Candidates with leadership qualities and relevant skills are your right candidates. Many candidates may seem right for a role but they lack the drive to lead a team in the future. Skip these candidates and shortlist the ones with a passion to perform and a mindset to grow.

    Screening candidates based on their potential and performance will enable you to create an agile workforce that can adapt to the growing needs of your company and keeping it thriving.

  10. Upgrade Your Interview Process

    The interview process should include a perfect mix of questions that determine the candidate’s competence, talent, skills, aptitude, problem-solving abilities, behavior, agility, and emotional intelligence. Also, credentials and experience are just as crucial for a candidate to qualify as a culture fit and professional attitude. So tailor your questionnaire accordingly and filter top talent faster.

  11. Use a Great Onboarding Plan

    The best way to ensure that new hires have a productive start and continue to perform is to develop an effective onboarding plan. The same amount of time, effort and resources that recruiters invest in the hiring process should be dedicated to the onboarding process to increase the retention rate. A comprehensive onboarding handbook should include expectations from the new employee, the company’s mission, vision and values, business goals, and work description.

  12. Offer Referral Incentives

    A referral incentive program is a mutually beneficial setup. It encourages the current employees to refer quality talent and earn rewards, such as money, discount vouchers, gift coupons, etc. and the company gains stellar candidates.

Applicant tracking systems help employers by advertising openings, attracting the right candidates, keeping them engaged and ensuring a seamless onboarding process. If you want to build a team of A+ players that can keep your business growing, click here and sign up for Jobsoid’s free trial today!





Kelly Barcelos

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