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An all-in-one recruiting software for recruiting agencies that allows you to source, manage and share candidates seamlessly with your clients. Jobsoid also helps you retain the best talent by engaging them in your recruitment processes.

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Why is Jobsoid the Best Alternative to Taleo?

Job Posting Management
Job Description Templates
Job-specific Email Addresses
Sourcing Candidates from Facebook Page App
Sourcing Tool
AI-powered Smart Filter
Advanced Workflow Automations
Interview scheduling and collecting interviewer feedback
Screening Questionnaires
Video Screening
Recruitment Marketing
Mobile Recruiting

Advanced Candidate Sourcing

Hire the best talent by sourcing candidates effectively. Receive all candidate applications in a centralized online talent pool.

  • Receive candidate applications from various job boards and social media
  • Install Jobsoid Chrome Plugin on your browser and source candidates from LinkedIn
  • Source candidates from email inbox using Resume Parser enabled Jobsoid email address
  • Upload existing candidate resumes and spreadsheets containing candidate data

You no longer have to start candidate hunting from scratch while you have this online talent pool.

Advanced Candidate Sourcing

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  • Branded Careers Portal
  • One-Click posting to 20+ Job Boards
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Automated Tasks & Actions on Stages
  • Custom Email & SMS Templates

Paid plans starting from $49 per month. Compare pricing plans.

Talent marketing campaigns

Create email campaigns to send out personalized email messages to your talent pool and engage them in your recruitment processes. Send out personalized email messages to your talent pool and engage them in your recruitment processes. Create email campaigns directly in Jobsoid without the help of any external campaign marketing tool. You can have detailed insights into the campaign statistics and click/conversion ratio and make amendments in your campaign strategy accordingly.

  • Build your talent pool of candidates
  • Engage your passive candidates in your recruitment process
  • Share your job openings with your talent pool
  • Promote your talent brand with newsletters

Build cordial relationships with your candidates and enhance your candidate engagement experience.

Talent Marketing Campaigns

Improved Candidate Submissions

Share candidates with your clients directly from Jobsoid. You do not have to use your email inbox to share candidate profiles anymore as it happens with just a few clicks in Jobsoid.  

  • One-click profile sharing with clients
  • Structured profiles containing all candidate details shared
  • Flexibility to choose the information that you wish to share

Jobsoid ensures that the candidate profiles are shared seamlessly without loss of any data.

Improved Candidate Submissions
Jobsoid automates the recruitment process plus makes you mobile!

It has revolutionalized my recruitment process. You have all the information of the candidate and entire conversation history in just a few clicks. Jobsoid support is talented and dedicated to their work. A big thanks to Jobsoid Team!

Dr. Panos Voglis, Founder, Voglis Co Ltd.

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Mini Job Portal

Mini Job Portal

A company-specific mini job portal which allows candidates to register and create their profiles.They can apply for your jobs in just one click and can subscribe for alerts about the upcoming job openings.

Automated Resume Parsing

Automated Resume Parsing

You no longer have to create candidates profiles manually.  Jobsoid’s built-in resume parser extracts all the necessary details from the candidate resumes and converts them into structured profiles in Jobsoid. Multiple file formats supported!

Smart FIlter Intelligence

Smart Filter Intelligence

Simplify your candidate shortlisting process with Jobsoid’s AI-based Smart Filter Intelligence. Every candidate application you receive is automatically scored based on its relevance to the job. You do not have to screen every application you receive.

Video Screening

Video Screening

Conduct your initial candidate screening rounds with the help of Jobsoid’s video interviews. Invite them to take up  the video interviews and save a lot of your recruiting time. This on-demand video interviewing solution will let you meet your candidates long before calling them in for an onsite interview.

Integrated Social Media Recruiting

Integrated Social Media Recruiting

Share your job openings on your social media accounts and leverage the power of social media recruiting. Connect your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with Jobsoid and share your jobs in just a few clicks.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Switch to mobile recruiting and take your recruitment process on to the next level. Access your recruiting data on your mobile phone and make hiring decisions on the go. Jobsoid Recruiter App is available for all Android and iOS devices.

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