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Top 10 Job Boards to Hire Healthcare Professionals

Poonam Jamuni on May 28, 2021 in Insights

Hiring Healthcare professionals in this pandemic are becoming a challenging task. As we all know, the scarcity of health workers to fight through this COVID-19 pandemic is massive. Hence, we are here to make things easy for you if you are hiring a healthcare professional.

Let us understand why we need a healthcare professional

  • Assisting the patients to recover from illnesses.
  • Taking thoughtful decisions in critical situations.
  • Counseling patients with regards to their medical treatment.
  • Answering all the questions of patients as well as family members.
  • Training and supervising medical staff and much more.

These are the top 10 job boards to hire healthcare professionals.

  1. Careervitals

    Careervitals is one of the largest healthcare job boards. It is reported that this job board has over 4 million healthcare users registered under them. Job advertising on Careervitals is paid. You can choose a plan based on the number of job advertisements. In addition to this, you can explore their resume database to choose from the most suitable candidates for your job vacancies.

  2. Nursingjobcafe

    Founded in 2007, this job board helps in hiring the most qualified Nurses Practitioners, midwives, RNs, CRNAs, and other nursing professionals. Numerically speaking, this board has around 20000 active jobs and 1,70,000 active candidates. Nursingjobcafe is being used by approximately 1,000 hospitals, private practice, as well as recruiters for finding talented candidates.

  3. HealtheCareers

    Healthecareers is one of the best job boards to find healthcare professionals. You can search candidates based on various specialties such as Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Dermatology, Obstetrics, Anesthesiology, and others. More than 65,000 employers are looking for healthcare workers on this job site. Statistically speaking, this board has around 9,45,000 monthly page views and 8,00,000 valid providers. Job advertising on HealtheCareers is paid. However, you can select the pricing plans are per your job requirements.

  4. Healthcarejobsite

    Healthcarejobsite has the largest community of job boards. With around 1,52,681 companies hiring healthcare professionals using this job board, Healthcarejobsite has an amazing database of talented professionals. The pricing of this job board varies according to your hiring needs. Furthermore, this job site has about 11,3,445 healthcare jobs currently available.

  5. Hospitalrecruiting

    HospitalRecruiting is among the famous job boards to find your healthcare professionals. You can recruit various professionals such as Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Mid-level Providers, and other non-hospitals professionals. You can opt for their pricing plans as per the job postings or monthly subscriptions. HospitalRecruiting aims to provide a cost-effective job board for the healthcare industry.

  6. JAMAnetwork

    JAMAnetwork is an affiliate of the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is a place where you can find active as well as passive candidates. You can choose from their three pricing plans according to your hiring concerns. Furthermore, it has around 5,000+ active job listings currently available on the job board.

  7. Healthjobsnationwide

    Healthjobsnationwide is the largest healthcare talent acquisition network. You can find the most suitable and qualified candidates using this job board. You can also make use of their extensive resume database. Furthermore, you can contact the prospective candidates directly from their large talent pool. Apart from this, you can also create a company profile that will help in creating a powerful employer brand.

  8. Hospitalcareers

    Hospitalcareers is among the top job boards that will assist you in recruiting the best healthcare workers. As a result, this job board is used by around 5000+ hospitals, clinics, and hospital systems to help them hire faster. Besides this, this job board has more than 280,000 registered users, 260,000 page views per month, and 1,00,000 visitors per month. More than 20 hospital associations have teamed up to find the right candidate at the right time.

  9. Healthcaresource

    Healthcaresource is a straightforward job board to hire top-quality candidates. The candidates here can be categorized in various verticals such as Nursing, Physician, Biomedical, Public Health, Allied Health, and Others. According to the statistics, there are about 84,738 job vacancies available on this job board currently. To know their pricing plans for job advertising, you need to sign up with them.

  10. MDjobsite

    Last but not least, MDjobsite is one of the powerful job boards. By using this job board, you will be able to find, source, and recruit the best candidates for the jobs. There are approximately 62,500 physicians registered with them. Furthermore, you can select one of their pricing plans based on your hiring requirements.

These were the top 10 Job Boards to hire healthcare professionals. By making use of these job boards, you can level up your recruiting game.

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