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Top 10 Job Sites in Spain

Poonam Jamuni on December 29, 2020 in Insights

Searching for the right candidates for your job roles is now a more simplistic task. You can take advantage of job sites to publish your job advertisements and hire talent from a wide pool of candidates. If you are searching for the best applicants across Spain, then we are here to help you out.

Job sites are the job search engines that help companies advertise their jobs and find talented professionals for their open roles. You can find job boards that are specifically designed for different business verticals such as Sales, Engineering, Development, Healthcare, and many others. Finding the right job boards can be tedious for your HR team.

Hence, we have come up with this list of the top 10 job sites in Spain.

  • Infojobs
  • Infoempleo
  • Indeed
  • Trabajos
  • Monster
  • Tecnoempleo
  • Xpatjobs
  • Totaljobs
  • ThinkSpain
  • Turijobs

Using these job sites for advertising will reduce your hiring time drastically and also reduce your recruitment costs. We have broken down these job sites in a more generalized form so that you know which one to choose. We are sure this will help you to improve your recruitment process in a better way.

Let us dig into the top 10 job sites in Spain.

  1. Infojobs

    Infojobs is the #1 employment website in Spain. This job site has nearly 48713 active jobs online. In addition to job advertising, it will help you to promote employer branding. This job site will also assist you in improving the candidate experience. Infojobs has approximately 550K companies registered under them. You will find the top quality candidates for your open positions on this excellent job site.

  2. Infoempleo

    Infoempleo is the next among the best job portals in Spain. This job site has nearly 6 million registered users. Furthermore, around 80,000 clients are using Infoempleo to hire the best candidates. This job site has its own training portal which is located in 37K centers. You can opt for customized pricing to sponsor your job advertisements to attract best-fit applicants.

  3. Indeed

    Indeed is one of the influential job sites across the world. You can attract, source, and hire top-quality candidates for your job openings. You can post your job advertisement for free on Indeed. Using Indeed, you can post using a job advertisement absolutely free. Furthermore, you can also sponsor a job for higher visibility as well as reach. In addition to this, you can also promote your employer branding by creating your company profile.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  4. Trabajos

    Trabajos is among the best employer portal In Spain. This job board has a huge candidates database. Trabajos has approximately 9,687,827 active users. Furthermore, around 173,385 companies rely on Trabajos to make the best hiring decisions.

  5. Monster

    Monster is used all over Spain to find the best-qualified candidates. You can publish your job online for free. However, you can sponsor your job advertisement to ensure better reach and attract top-quality candidates. Monster has come up with this new feature that allows you to post your job ads in a video format.

  6. Tecnoempleo

    As the name suggests, Tecnoempleo is a job portal specialized in hiring professionals from the computing and telecommunication industry. Using this job site, you can discover the best talent from an extensive database of approximately 536,876 IT professionals. There are currently 2,885 job vacancies available on Tecnoempleo. Additionally, this job site also helps in promoting employer branding by offering various services such as company reviews, online promotions, etc. You can hire the best IT professionals using the talent search feature as well.

  7. Xpatjobs

    Xpatjobs has millions of job opportunities available. This job site will ensure that you find the best candidates across Spain faster. You can post your advertisement for free as well as sponsor them as per your hiring needs. Xpatjobs has candidates from all industry verticals such as Real Estate, Sales, Travel, Finance, Education, Engineering, and many others. This job site allows headhunters and recruiters to find, source, and hire the best candidates.

  8. Totaljobs

    Totaljobs is another famous job board in Spain. It has approximately 280,000 job advertisements currently live on their site. You can also find candidates via browsing through the database of resumes of approximately 21 million candidates. Publishing job advertisements on Totaljobs will be also shared with their partner brands as well as recruiters. This job site also sends you recommendations based on the job requirements.

  9. ThinkSpain

    ThinkSpain is a leading job employment portal in Spain. This job site has millions of active visitors across Spain. ThinkSpain cater to various business vertices. Finance, Media, Education, Hospitality, are some of the main business verticals ThinkSpain caters to. This job site will ensure that you find the right candidate based on your job requirements.

  10. Turijobs

    Last but not least, Turijobs is one of the famous job portals in Spain. This job site specializes in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. This portal has around 3.8 million CVs registered under them. This job site is being used internationally by companies in other countries across the globe. Turijobs has approximately 1million candidates in total.

These were some of the top 10 job sites in Spain.

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