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Top 10 Skills for Customer Service Jobs

Poonam Jamuni on April 23, 2021 in Insights

Finding the perfect candidate that supports the company in reaching its goals is quite a challenge. An ideal customer service personnel should be extremely good at communicating with clients. For some businesses, a customer service job position plays the face of the company. Therefore, hiring candidates in these positions becomes a crucial process for the Human Resources department.

These customer service personnel represent the positive image of the company which in turn helps in cultivating a good reputation and loyalty of the customers.

What is Customer Service?

A customer service industry offers support to the clients in regards to the products and services offered by the company. They promise to provide amazing customer service to the clients by answering all their questions on time. Making the client’s experience a fantastic one, they act as a liaison between the company and the clients.

Why do Customer Service skills matter?

  • Customer service has a huge impact on the end results.
  • It can create or destroy your reputation.
  • Customer service helps in providing an extraordinary product experience to the customer.

We have put together the top 10 skills for Customer Service jobs.

  1. Convincing Speaking skills

    Convincing Speaking is one of the prominent skills for these customer service representatives. They should ensure that your message is powerfully put across to the customer. This will in turn let these customers or leads convert them into successful conversions for your company. Apart from this, this skill will enhance your customers’ confidence and retain them for a longer period of time.

  2. Attentiveness

    Attentiveness is the ability to mindfully and thoughtfully understand the customer’s needs. This is a must-have skill for candidates in Customer Service industry. In addition to this, these candidates should understand the basic requirements of the customer without them telling about the same. These representatives should be mentally present while they solve the customer problems.

  3. Stress management

    This skill is great when the candidate is dealing with angry customers. Having self-control while communicating with customers is essential. The candidate should remain cool and calm in any critical situation while providing the best customer service. Besides this, the candidate should able to handle stress and manage difficult situations.

  4. Time management

    Making efficient use of time is the key to these customer service jobs. Managing customers and solving their problems on or before the required time is critical. Dedicating time to the customer is essential but the candidate should ensure that they maintain a time limit for each customer query. This will help in easy resolution of queries of all the customers.

  5. Communication skills

    Candidates should be able to convey the right message to the customers, hence amazing communication is one of the important skills. The messages or instructions should be clear and concise without any misinterpretation in them. The candidates should also communicate politely and convincingly making the customer satisfied in any situation.

  6. Patience

    Keeping cool on your angry is sometimes impossible for a human being. As a customer service personnel, dealing with rude customers is part of the job. That is why, the candidates should showcase patience and maintain positivity. They should focus on solving the customer complaints, while giving them the best customer satisfaction experiences.

  7. Active Listening skills

    Listening carefully to the customer’s issues and ensuring that their queries are resolved on time, the customer service professionals ought to have amazing listening skills. The candidates should rephrase their issues in their own words while explaining the customer.

  8. Problem solving abilities

    Problem solving abilities are a basic skill for the candidate. Whenever a customer comes to these representatives with their problem, they have to solve them no matter what. Besides this, ability for finding multiple solutions for a problem will be a bonus for the candidate.

  9. Product knowledge

    The only possible way to solve a customer problem is when these representatives have a deep understanding of the company’s products and services. Having an excellent foundation of the product knowledge will allow them to successfully solve any question in no time.

  10. Conflict Resolution skills

    Last but definitely not the least skill in the list of top 10 skills for Customer Service Jobs is conflict resolution. Conflict Resolution skills are a must as solving customer queries on a daily basis is a primary task for Customer Service Professionals. Looking at the problem and troubleshooting them is essential to provide an amazing customer service to the customer. The candidate should be able to handle angry customers and calming them down while solving their problems.

Here are some bonus skills exclusively for you.

  1. Sense of humor

    A candidate should possess an extraordinary sense of humor. These skills will allow the candidate to have a fun conversation with the customers. The candidate will entertain the customers while sharing knowledge about the company’s products and services.

  2. Acting skills

    Acting skills are one of the genuine requirements for a customer service candidate. It is a fact that everyone cannot keep smiling all day long while dealing with customers with various personalities. Therefore, to keep the team going and maintain a positive approach, acting skills are very important. This will assist them in maintaining a cheerful and happy personality to communicate with the customers.

  3. Social skills

    A customer service professional should be socially active. By doing this, the candidate can reach out to the potentially new customers via social media platforms. Also, the candidate can respond quickly to the questions and concerns of the customers via social media.

These were the top 10 skills for customer service jobs. You can evaluate your candidates on the basis of these skills and make the best hiring decisions.

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