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Top 5 Job Boards in Hungary

Poonam Jamuni on March 10, 2021 in Insights

Recruiting the best talent is one of the most important tasks for the Human Resources department. Hence, it is important to know your job requirements and specifications before you start with your hiring process.

One of the most important to keep in mind is to know what you are looking for in a candidate. It must be qualifications, skills, work experiences, or other job requirements. If you are using the traditional methods for finding and choosing candidates, it will simply add on the hassles to your process even more.

The best solution to shorten and simplify the process is to use job boards. These job boards will not only allow you to find the best candidate, but also explore the current job market. Thus, allowing you to know the demands and requirements for today’s job world.

We have come up with the top 5 job boards in Hungary, allowing you to advertise your jobs quickly. We are sure you will find, source, and hire the best and the most suitable candidates for the job positions.

Let us jump into the top 5 job boards in Hungary right away.

  1. Profession

    Profession is one of the most powerful job portals in Hungary. As per the statistics of Profession, they have about 1 million people registered under them. As an employer, in order to advertise your jobs on Profession, you need to subscribe to an advertising plan. You can select an appropriate pricing plan as per your hiring needs.

    In addition to this, you can make your job advertisements interesting by opting for some interesting add ons like live chat, artificial advertising division, etc. These add ons will help you to find your ideal candidates much faster and easier.

    You can also make use of the CV database to increase the efficiency of your job advertisements and to search for the best-fit candidates.

  2. CVonline

    CVonline is a famous job board and career management site in Hungary. This job board will assist you in finding the most suitable candidates for your open vacancies. It is reported that CVonline has about 1,80,000 monthly page views. In addition to this, it has about 212700 searchable CVs on this website.

    Furthermore, they provide services that are completely customizable as per your hiring needs. You can also create your company profile to create strong employer branding and enhance the candidate experience.

  3. Jobline

    Jobline is one of the popular job boards in Hungary. This job board is visited by approximately 3,00,000+ people every month. Apart from this, every month, Jobline sends more than 6,000,000 job emails to the candidates.

    You can hire candidates for various business verticals such as Sales, HR, Banking, Finance, and many others. Also, using their vast database, you can find and select candidates for your roles. The database consists of 2,80,000 candidates with over 200 CVs uploaded on a daily basis.

  4. Indeed

    Indeed is the most famous and influential job site in the world. You can attract, source, and hire the most qualified candidates using Indeed. Indeed allows you to post your job advertisements free of charge. Having said that, you can also sponsor your job advertisement for better reach.

    Furthermore, you can also utilize some additional features of Indeed, such as employer branding, recruitment on mobile, and so much more. Using Indeed, you will be able to find the suitable candidates at the right time, thereby making your hiring process easy.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  5. CVcentrum

    CVcentrum is the leading job board in Hungary. Finding the top quality candidate is what CVcentrum offers the largest collection of CVs. You can post your job advertisement free of cost on this widely-used job board.

    Statistically speaking, this job board has over 25,000 users registered with them. You can also find candidates using their resume finder feature. Advertising your jobs this job board will definitely speed up your recruitment process.

These were the top 5 job boards in Hungary.

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