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Top 7 Job Boards for Hiring Marketing Professionals

Poonam Jamuni on June 3, 2021 in Insights

Recruiting the best marketing professionals for your company is a crucial task. However, using recruitment software can definitely make your recruitment process easier and faster. A marketing professional is one who makes use of different methods to promote your products or services to the customers.

Here are the reasons why marketing is important to you.

  • Maintaining the company’s reputation
  • Building a healthy relationship between a business and its customers
  • Educating the customers about the products or services
  • Assisting in boosting sales
  • Helping the management team in making informed decisions
  • Offering insights about your business
  • Creating various revenue options

Hence, to find a perfect marketing professional for your company, you need to make use of job boards. Also, you can use our customizable job description for various marketing positions for your job advertisements. Therefore, we have compiled this list of job boards that will help you in hiring the most talented marketing professionals.

Let us dig into the top 7 job boards for hiring marketing professionals.

  1. MarketingHire

    MarketingHire is a leading job board to recruit the most qualified candidates for your organization. This job board is a member of the Marketing Career network which has an alliance with America’s leading marketing association. When you post your job on this job board, they are automatically posted under the job section of various marketing associations.

    Furthermore, MarketingHire provides features such as job advertisement, employer branding, search resume database, messaging candidates, and much more. Statistically speaking, this job boards has approximately 867 job listings currently and approximately 421 employers hiring via MarketingHire.

  2. American Marketing Association (AMA)

    AMA is among the best marketing job board which will assist you in finding the perfect match. You can build a comprehensive recruitment plan with AMA according to your hiring requirements. It is reported that AMA has more than 11,00,000 job seekers registered with 75,600+ monthly views on the job postings.

    Additionally, employers can get access to around 54,000 candidate resumes. Besides this, you can also create a company profile and brand the same with your company’s logo. You can promote your jobs by opting for pricing packages according to your hiring needs.

  3. SimplyMarketingJobs

    SimplyMarketingJobs is the next among the famous job boards for hiring prospective marketing talent. This job board helps UK’s leading companies to find candidates in a faster and more efficient manner. All you need to do is register on SimplyMarketingJobs and choose a package as per your recruiting specification.

    Apart from this, you can also buy resumes from this job board to handpick the most qualified candidates for your open positions. This job board allows you to brand your job advertisements by adding your company logo to all your job postings.

  4. CanadianMarketingJobs

    CanadianMarketingJob is another powerful job site to hire the best candidates for your marketing roles. You can target prospective candidates, access their resume data as well as manage job applications online. This job site is a paid job advertising platform. It has two pricing plans standard and premium job posting plans.

    In addition to this, you can also feature your job opening which will help in better reach and visibility. This job board is a promising one to find, source, and hire top-quality applicants for your vacancies.

  5. SMPSCareerCenter

    SMPSCareerCenter is the next best portal to hire marketing professionals. It is reported that there are around 9549 employers are registered under this job board. Further, it is reported that 15278 job seekers are actively looking for a job on this portal.

    You can choose from their variety of products and hiring plans that suit you. Besides this, you can also feature job vacancies as well as promote your employer brand on this job board.

  6. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

    CIM is a leading and famous professional marketing body. Employers can surely find some talented candidates using CIM in a shorter period of time. Whether you are an in-house recruiter or a staffing agency, CIM can give you access to matching candidates with precision and efficiency.

    The advantage of this job board is that you can calculate your pricing plan according to the number of job postings and resume database.

  7. DigitalMarketingJobBoard

    The Digital Marketing Job Board is one is the most unique and leading job boards. This website will help you in finding, sourcing, and recruiting the most qualified digital marketer for your company. Numerically speaking, there are thousands of job seekers registered under this job board.

    You can feature your job advertisement with the help of paid ads for higher visibility and reach. Thus, making the hiring process efficient and faster.

These were the top 7 job boards for hiring marketing professionals. Use these boards to make the best hire for your open positions.

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