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Top 7 Job Boards in Indonesia

Poonam Jamuni on July 5, 2021 in Insights

Considering the right candidate for job roles is a huge responsibility for an employer. To speed up this recruiting process, you should make use of the job boards for advertising. Job boards are platforms that allow you to advertise your jobs to attract prospective candidates to your company. In addition to this, job boards also provide advanced features such as employer branding, background checks, screening, and many more.

Indonesia has some of the world’s flourishing industries. These industries include tourism, mining, textiles, apparel, petroleum, amongst many others. If you are an Employer in Indonesia and are wanting to grow your team, this blog is a must-read for you.

We have come up with the most leading, popular, and top 7 job boards in Indonesia to help you out. These job boards will not only speed up your hiring process but also reduce your hiring costs dramatically in a snap.

Here are some of the benefits of using a job board for hiring.

  • Finding a variety of prospective candidates at one place instantly.
  • Posting multi-job advertisements at one time.
  • Promoting and showcasing your employer brand.
  • Saving recruitment time as well as the costs.
  • Reaching a wider audience.
  • Reducing paperwork and manpower.

Let us begin with the top 7 job boards in Indonesia.

  1. Karir

    Founded in 1999, Karir is one of the leading and establishment career portals in Indonesia. You can find candidates across various industries such as Finance, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and many others. Besides this, you can also search for your prospective candidates based on multiple locations in Indonesia.

    You can advertise your jobs on this job board at an affordable price. Furthermore, you can also send the candidates screening tests for better decision making. This job board also has a resource pertaining to recruitment and hiring.

  2. Jobindo

    Jobindo was founded in 2005 and it is among the most popular job boards in Indonesia. As per the reports, there are approximately 6000+ companies in Indonesia that use Jobindo to find the perfect candidates. Additionally, there are more than 150 thousand job seekers who are registered with them.

    Finding a candidate with Jobindo is a much faster process for the Recruiter. You can hire talented candidates based on the locations, job industry as well as qualifications.

  3. Indeed

    Indeed is one of the best job boards in the world. By using Indeed, you can attract millions of candidates to your jobs on a weekly basis. Indeed offers free as well as sponsored job advertisements. Besides this, you can claim your company profile which in turn will improve your employer branding. You can also access their resume database to hire from their most suitable candidate for your jobs. This resume database consists of approximately 175 million resumes.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  4. Monster

    Monster is a global online employment solution for employers to attract suitable candidates for their organization. This job board offers two types of packages for job advertisements. First is the Quick job posting and the second is the Premium job posting package. You can opt for any one of them that suits your hiring needs.

    It also provides additional features such as AI in Recruiting, Data Security, Power Security, and many others for seamless recruiting experience.

  5. Jobstreet

    Jobstreet is another job board that assists the company to hire the best candidates. This job board allows you to post your job advertisement free of cost if you are a first-time user. You can reach more than 10 million talents across Indonesia via Jobstreet.

    Additionally, you can attract approximately 300 applicants per job posting. Some of the additional features Jobstreet offers are company branding, talent searching, etc.

  6. Kalibrr

    Kalibrr helps employers to find talented candidates all across Indonesia. To know about their pricing plans, you need the first register with them. This job site will ensure that you source, find, and hire the most talented and experienced candidates for the job.

    This job site has about 2.5 million active job seekers registered under them. In addition to this, Kalibrr has partnered with over 18,000 companies to help them to make the best hire. They also use Artificial Intelligence technology to help the employers to create a strong relationship with the potential candidate.

  7. JobsinJakarta

    Last but not the least, we have on the list is JobsinJakarta. JobsinJakarta is one of the popular job sites in Indonesia. You can find candidates across industries which include Design, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, etc. To post a job advertisement, you will require to register with JobsinJakarta. They offer 3 pricing plans which includes standard, premium, and featured. You can opt for any one of them as per your recruitment needs

These were the top 7 job boards in Indonesia. By using these job portals, your chances of hiring the best candidates are quite higher than usual.

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