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Top 7 Job Boards in Sweden

Poonam Jamuni on March 30, 2021 in Insights

Discovering candidates for your jobs are the prime responsibility of any employer. If you catch hold of a job board, then your hiring process will speed up in a snap.

Job boards are one of the most advanced and easy-to-implement solutions that you can use to post your job advertisements. Some job boards allow you to post your jobs free of cost while some have paid plans offering additional features for employer branding, database searches, social media sharing, sponsoring the jobs, etc.

If you are looking for candidates in Sweden and are confused about which job boards to advertise your jobs on, then you are at the right place. We have come up with the most-used top 7 job boards in Sweden exclusively for you.

These job boards will not only speed up your recruiting process, but also cut down your recruiting costs drastically. It further reduces unnecessary paperwork as well as manpower.

Here, we have listed the top 7 job boards in Sweden. We ensure that this list will definitely level up your recruiting game.

  1. CareerBuilder

    CareerBuilder is one of the best job boards in Sweden to find the right candidate for your jobs. It is reported that around 12,000 job advertisements are published every month on CareerBuilder.

    Apart from this, you can search candidates using their largest candidate database consisting of around 1,94,000 resumes. You can explore their pricing plan as per the number of job ads to be published.

    CareerBuilder also provides some additional features such as employer branding, messaging potential candidates, background checks, among many others.

  2. Blocket

    Blocket is the second one in the most popular job boards in Sweden. This job board allows you to reach out to passive as well as active candidates.

    When you post your ad on Blocket, you will have 60 days of publication time. Your job advertisement will also be shared on their various partner sites for better exposure. All you will require is to register with them and get started with hiring the best candidate for the job.

  3. Jobbland

    Jobbland is one of the popular and new job boards in Sweden. This job site has approximately 5,00,000 visitors every week. In addition to this, they collaborate with the local employers for better reach. This ensures that your jobs have maximum exposure to attract the job seekers.

    Apart from this, Jobbland also offers additional features such as employer branding, CV templates, and others. They also allow you to reach potential candidates by offering paid promotions ensuring extensive reach.

  4. Nyteknik

    Nyteknik is a leading job board in Sweden that assists employers to find the most qualified candidates. This board is specialized in applicants such as Engineers, IT specialists, as well as professional technicians.

    To post your job advertisement, you will require to send an email to the contact provided on their website. You can post your job ads along with a link to your website and employer presentation. This will improve your candidate experience hugely.

  5. Netjobs

    Netjobs is another most popular and leading network of job site in Sweden. They are assisting employers and helping candidates to find the right job since 2004. As per the reports, around 50,000 emails are sent daily to candidates who monitor new opportunities. This makes hiring more faster and helps you save on recruiting costs as well.

    Along with posting your job advertisements, you can strengthen your employer branding with the help of Netjobs. They also offer a range of customizable solutions such as social media recruiting packages, organizing job fairs, and much more.

  6. Indeed

    Indeed is the world’s premium job boards that allow employers to find the right candidates. It is reported that, Indeed has over 250M unique visitors every month.

    One interesting part of Indeed is that you can post your job ad for free. However, you can also sponsor your job advertisements for better visibility. Sponsoring your jobs will also help you stay on top of the job search results. You can also create your company profile to build a powerful employer brand.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  7. Jobisland

    Last but not least, Jobisland is the last of the top 7 job boards in Sweden that allows employers to post job ads free of cost. Apart from this, you can search for potential candidates using their resume search feature. This feature will surely assist you in making the right decision.

    Additionally, you can also select a premium package to feature your job advertisements. We are sure that this job board will assist you in finding the best applicants with top-quality qualifications as per your job requirements.

These are the top 7 job boards in Sweden.

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