Jobsoid Video Interviews

Streamline your initial candidate screening process with Jobsoid's Video Interviews. Screen all your candidates on a video and interview only the best fit ones! Interview your candidates faster than ever.

Schedule interviews seamlessly

Schedule video interviews in just few clicks. Add candidates on the go and quicken your initial screening process.

  • Unlimited questions
  • Evaluation by multiple interviewers

Eliminate the need for phone screens or on-site interviews for preliminary candidate screening. Save money and time by switching to video interviews!


Read. Prepare. Answer.

Answering questions couldn’t have been simplified better. The candidate can make use of the preparation time to understand the question and prepare his answer before actually recording his answer.

read prepare answer

Screen multiple candidates

View the responses of your candidates at your preferred place and time. Candidate responses are available as a playlist with play and pause controls.

Screen more candidates in the same amount of time and lessen the number of on-site interviews.

uploading responses

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