Cost Effective Recruitment Strategies for Attracting Top Talent


Team up with recruitment consultants who maintain a large database of jobseekers to advertise on your behalf. .

Recruitment Consultants

Rent a free window display at a happening location and display attention-grabbing job ads. .

Job Ads

Capitalize on your alumni connections and ask them for referrals..

Alumni Connect

Explore freelancer sites to find high-potential talents at low cost.


Hire talented interns for handling your short-term projects.

Skilled Interns

Promote your job openings on niche job boards to attract talent with desired skillset.

Niche Job Boards

Host industry-related virtual meet-ups for your candidates as well as existing employees to strengthen your brand.

Industry Related Virtual Meets

Organize an online talent hunt program to build your talent database.

Talent Hunt Programs

Conduct online hackathons to identify candidate’s skills better.

Online Hackathons

Online Recruiting Software & Hiring Platform