Hire the Best Campus Talent with These Smart Recruitment Strategies


Get in touch with student organizations using social media and apps like GroupMe or Slack - they are your first selling point!.

Connect via Social Media 

Promote your employer brand at HR Events and Universities and offer on-the-spot interviews

Promote at HR & University Events

Tie up with top grad schools and local colleges for candidates interested in paid internships.

Partner with Grad Schools

Advertise your job openings in the annual yearbooks of grad schools

Advertise in Yearbooks

Go as a guest lecturer to a local college and engage the younger audience

Guest Lecture at Colleges

Be innovative with your pre-placement talk and spice up the job role

Innovate Pre-Placement Talk

Do more than your competitors by highlighting your office perks, company hours, and paid time off opportunities

Highlight Office Perks

Look beyond the GPA because good scores often don't guarantee workplace performance

Go Beyond GPA for Performance

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