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Why are Employer Reviews Important for a Great Employer Brand?

Amanda Jerelyn on February 19, 2020 in Employer Brand

Every aspect of our lives is encompassed by the rapid advancements in technology. We have consumed the seed of the internet into our lives so profoundly that everything from purchases to our job change, everything happens online. The HR industry is not lagging in its march towards technology either.

But how do we judge the credibility of a company in this world influenced by technology? The answer is online reviews on company review sites like Glassdoor and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

According to a Bright Local Survey, 82% of potential employees read online reviews of the companies on these employer review sites. The job candidates would read a total of 10 reviews before finding a company trustworthy. This goes on to show that having a strong online presence plays a major role in attracting top talent.

Employee reviews on online platforms are the new go-to validation for potential job seekers out there. These reviews can prove favorable to your recruiting process. Similarly, it can quickly go against it as well with negative reviews.

A survey conducted in 2018 suggests that 94% of online job seekers were convinced by a negative company review. They decided to not go ahead with the job application process for that organization. In situations like these, responding to reviews is certainly an effective solution.

You should understand the importance and value of online employer reviews. Because it can easily be a make or break factor for your employer brand.

Importance of Employer Reviews for Employer Brand

Online reviews are crucial to help optimize the potential employee experience and create a positive online image for your employer brand.

Your existing employees can speak about your company culture and the work environment in their reviews. They can also highlight the perks you offer, or the work-life balance, or simply anything that will make you an employer of choice.

So, here are some of the reasons why you should understand the importance of employer reviews for your employer brand.

#1. Employer reviews influence job seekers in better decision making.

Online reviews have a lasting effect on job seekers. It is found that people who read online reviews before applying in a company can make a better decision. This is because reading a positive online review helps in assuring the credibility of the organization.

Job seekers would naturally be drawn to an attractive job opportunity that is being recommended by ten other associated employees of an organization. This case might not be true for a company who have not invested in making their online presence felt at all.

#2. Employer reviews help in increasing online presence and thus, establishes your talent brand.

A strong online presence is the new validating feature for a credible business. If you want to build your company’s name in the industry, then increasing your online presence is mandatory.

It increases your brand image and creates a name for your organization. As people become more familiar with your brand, they tend to associate with it better over time. The potential job seekers are likely to search for a job in your company and thus, send in their applications for the same.

#3. Employer reviews help in employee retention.

Being well-known in the industry greatly empowers current employees to stay in their current job positions. If your company is hugely recognized in the industry and popularly known in the public sector, it greatly affects employee retention.

Employees take it as encouragement. They certainly want to be a part of a successfully running organization as compared to a place that is less known.

#4. Employer reviews are direct feedback.

Online reviews, more than anything, are feedback from your former and existing employees. Feedback can be both negative and positive constructive criticism. You can advise your human resources team to take the criticism positively and plan out some strategies to set things right.

Whatever the review says is directly stemming from the experience your employees had in the first place. That is why the chances of rectifying the mistake and making the experience more fruitful next time are more. It is easier just to understand the perspective of the person through his published review.

#5. More credibility means higher ratings.

According to a Glassdoor survey, candidates said that they were more interested in applying for a job after reading positive company reviews. They further added that they would recommend this organization to other potential candidates who were looking for a job switch.

It shows that having more credibility eventuality leads to having higher ratings and recommendations, which is favorable for the employer brand.

#6. Positive employer reviews motivate to maintain the brand image.

Positive reviews are motivating. They keep the company at ease to continue doing what they do best consistently. They retain the mark they have made for their employees and the image that it has created in the market.

In conclusion, reviews work like an open window for a potential candidate. For any candidate willing to apply for a job position in your company, reviews provide him with an insider’s perspective. They become a credible source of the firsthand experience of a former or a current employee. It helps in building a positive impact on the minds of the prospective candidates.

You should understand the importance of employer reviews on your employer brand. In addition to this, you should follow the following strategies to build an amazing employer brand. You can start off with talent branding and focus on delivering an amazing candidate experience. You should also focus your efforts on employee happiness to ensure employee satisfaction and retention.

Automating your recruiting process will help you and your team in focusing your efforts on your employer branding and candidate experience. Jobsoid has all the tools required to build an outstanding employer brand. You can sign up for a Free Jobsoid account and get started with employer branding today.

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