5 Reasons Women Make Better Hiring Managers than Men

5 Reasons Women Make Better Hiring Managers than Men

Kelly Barcelos on June 16, 2017 in Recruitment Process

HR is among the top 10 best paying jobs for women across the globe and despite the fact that men still hold the vast majority of the highest paid jobs, 71% of all highly paid HR posts are held by women today. In fact women’s domination of the HR landscape is now extending to the CHRO ranks in the US, the UK as well as Europe and this leadership pipeline is unlikely to change. But why are there more women in the HR world than men? What makes them better than their male counterparts when it comes to hiring?

5 Reasons That Justify why Women Make Better Hiring Managers Than Men

  1. Women Have Excellent Communication Skills

    Listening is the most critical skill for managing employees and women are any day better listeners than men. This is why women are more open to discussions while men simply want to take action. Men communicate better through productive activities rather than constructive conversations so when it comes to hearing different perspectives and empathizing with problems, men fail to build a meaningful relationship which is crucial to establishing accountability and loyalty.

  2. Exhibit Higher Levels of Engagement

    Rewards and recognitions reinforce employee engagement and retention. According to a survey by Gallup, 41% of female hiring managers are more engaged at work compared to 35% of their male counterparts regardless of their age, experience, marital status and whether they have children at home.

    It is essential that good managers are able to develop the skills and capabilities of their teams because those who lack a sense of purpose are most likely to remain disengaged which increases the attrition rate over time. Women are more astute when it comes to activating passion and motivating team members. This passion and motivation builds long-term loyalty and boosts productivity.

  3. Encourage Personal Growth and Development

    Women HR managers definitely hold a competitive edge over their male counterparts when it comes to appreciating good work, encouraging personal development, and providing feedback. According to a research study that was published in the Harvard Business Review, female hiring managers outperformed male hiring managers in 12 out of 16 management competencies, one of which was encouraging personal growth and development in others.

    A few of the parameters included in this test were on-the-job training, feedback, and career counselling. When employees are allowed to learn and grow, receive recognition for good work and positive feedback, they feel valued and perform better.

  4. Put Constant Efforts into Self-Improvement

    Women have competitive zeal, tend to work harder, are more tenacious and are resilient to setbacks. They put in extra efforts into self-development and are always eager to improve their efficiency and enhance their existing skills to drive better results.

    This in turn boosts company productivity and profits. The unique managerial skills and multitasking capabilities of women make them more likely to contribute towards the company’s current and future success.

  5. Easily Adapt to Advancing Technology

    This might sound surprising to some but research studies have confirmed that women have greater analytical abilities and an enhanced capacity to coordinate processes and procedures while complying with company strategies. They have the power to change their weaknesses into strengths especially when it comes to advanced HR technology.

    They blend their unique understanding of how people and processes work with power of technology to survive and succeed in modern workplaces. Women are now using cloud-based recruitment software to expand their social media recruiting reach, for short listing candidates, for scheduling interviews, for communicating with potential employees and for ensuring a positive candidate experience.

    They are leveraging fully-loaded applicant tracking systems to save their time, take data-driven decisions, boost their work efficiency, and to cut down recruitment costs. Women are the high-achievers who can make a massive difference if your company is seeking to strengthen an existing team that can take your brand to the next level.

As women gain more strategic roles and continue to rein the HR world, the only change that will remain constant in the coming time is the evolution of HR technology. Make this shift successful with Jobsoid – a user-friendly, feature-rich applicant tracking system that can simplify your sourcing process and streamline recruitment tasks from start to finish.

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