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5 Skills that are a must for a Successful Remote Team

Kelly Barcelos on February 13, 2021 in HR Management

Come 2020 and remote working became the need of the hour, no businesses could avoid. A remote work environment allows flexibility to employees and business owners. While it benefits both the employees and hiring managers, there are certain employee skills that you should look for, for the success of your company.

If you wish to grow your company by working from a remote position, here are the top 5 employee skills that you must look, the next time you hire.

  1. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

    A successful remote work environment primarily depends on excellent communication skills. A flexible workplace needs employees to be in check of each other’s progress in the given project. Unless your employees are not able to communicate effectively, you cannot build a stable company culture and workflow.

    So, your employees need to own strong communication skills to foster productivity. Irrespective of the communication channel you and your employees are using, presenting ideas clearly is essential.

    Business communication platforms like Slack allow effective communication among employees. However, ensure that you use formal language and the right tone when on a video/voice call. Similarly, when drafting emails, always check for spellings, punctuation, and grammar before sending them across.

  2. Ability to work collaboratively

    Working remotely requires you to collaborate with your employees on various tasks and projects. That said, collaboration and communication are interrelated. Your employees are likely to perform better if they share a good rapport with each other. So, if your employees show strong communication skills, it is likely they will work collaboratively too.

    However, collaborating without being physically present can get challenging at times. In order to ensure that your team’s performance remains unaffected, use agile project management tools and software. These tools offer interesting features such as document sharing, thus keeping you in the loop of the project progress. Besides, you can also invite team members/employees to collaborate on a particular task without wasting much of your time.

    Collaboration is one of the trickiest skill sets to look for but is achievable. Just improve your engagement with employees and watch them yield better productivity.

  3. Strong time management skills

    Your employees need to be independent and have a strong sense of time when working remotely. This helps in completing the assigned tasks as per the mentioned deadline. A team with strong time management skills will aid in remaining organized and in handling day-to-day operations smoothly.

    To facilitate easy time management, you can resort to time tracking software such as Hubstaff. With this app, your employees can track the amount of time they spend completing a particular task and thereby, make necessary arrangements. Likewise, you can implement working in sprints wherein your employees can take a short break upon completing their work cycle.

    Try which method works best for you and your team. That said, time management is an invaluable skill and requires you to be mentally prepared, just like any other skill.

  4. Ability to adapt

    Although working remotely offers flexibility, it does come with its set of challenges. For instance, there can be connectivity issues that your employees should be prepared to handle. Not only that, but remote work also implies learning or adopting new technical skills.

    Being adaptable to any given situation at hand gives the impression that the employee is reliable and will perform his/her duties professionally. So, to have a team of professionals even while working in a remote setup, don’t miss checking for adaptability.

  5. Impressive technical skills

    All of the above-mentioned skills will seem unworkable if your employees do not hold technical skills. Technical expertise is vital for effective communication and collaboration. Unless your employees are aware of and know to utilize project management tools effectively, succeeding in a remote position is difficult.

    When hiring, look for employees that display impressive technical skills or those willing to learn. Since the virtual way of working is here to stay, it is time for you and your employees to adapt to the new technological changes.

With most companies opting for a remote work setup, ensure that you hire employees that own these five skills. Not only will you achieve the right work balance, but will foster productivity and excellent performance in less time.

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