Employee Involvement: It is a Game Changer

Employee Involvement: Everything about this Game Changer

Kelly Barcelos on April 28, 2022 in Employer Brand

How to raise the productivity of your employees to the maximum level? The answers are not as simple as providing necessary resources or taking work for long hours. Your team and your people are your most valuable asset. You can take full advantage of their potential by increasing employee involvement in your organization.

This article revolves around the importance of employee involvement and ways to increase it. You will also learn about the difference between employee involvement and employee participation. Read on to know more!

What is Employee Involvement?

Employee involvement refers to your team’s direct and active participation in achieving the mission and goal of your company. It’s possible by accommodating your team’s point of view while making important decisions and policy formation.

They also use their expertise and skills to resolve major issues, achieve targets, and manage everything for the company’s greater good. In this way, your employees feel accountable for the company’s growth.

This type of working culture provides a sense of community and family to your team within your company. Some wonderful examples of employee involvement are:-

  • Team improvements.
  • Work-life programs.
  • Committees for quality control.
  • Flat hierarchy.
  • Employee contribution to resolving labor and staff issues.

Importance of Employee Involvement

Employees feel pride when they are actively involved with their organization. It psychologically motivates them to use the best of their intellectual abilities and put in extra effort when required. They feel connected and happy while working with you in the following ways:-

  • Their point of view and inputs are encouraged, invited, considered, and respected.
  • They have a say in organizing their work.
  • There is no hesitation in discussing work progress with their immediate manager or supervisor.
  • They are informed about the critical changes in the organization.

On the contrary, less or no employee involvement creates a monotony. Employees of such companies feel indifference and dissatisfaction with their jobs. This obviously leads to their burnout and, eventually higher rate of attrition.

Benefits of Employee Involvement

Employee involvement brings the following significant advantages to your credit:-

  • A spirited team that feels valued comes up with innovative and path-breaking ideas to make your business grow.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated, and energetic teams are at your disposal for every challenging task.
  • An environment of learning and development is created in your organization where every employee flourishes.
  • A feeling of unity and teamwork gets enriched through employee involvement.
  • Change is not feared but accepted with open arms. And your team focuses on making the change as less troublesome as possible.
  • When the employees take accountability and responsibility, they work more productively and deliver better results.
  • You can retain more top-level talents in your company. Moreover, you can attract the most skilled lot of professionals.

Employee Involvement vs. Employee Participation

Often people confuse employee involvement with employee participation. You can understand the difference between these two with the help of this table.

Criteria of Difference

Employee Involvement

Employee Participation


It’s a continuous process of involving your employees and taking their contribution to various significant activities like policy management.

It encourages the employees to be a part of the decision-making process along with the higher management.

Level of Involvement

All employees get involved with their intellectual prowess, skills, and experience to achieve a specific target or goal for the organization’s growth.Only the ideas and perceptions of employees are taken into consideration while making important decisions.


Employees are actively engaged and connected on a one-on-one level with the management for the task assigned.Employee participation is appreciated and incorporated by the management in making important decisions for the organization.

Tips for Improvement in Employee Involvement

Now, when it is well-established that employee involvement is crucial for the company’s exceptional growth, let’s look at some of the time-tested ways to improve it.

  • Launch an Employee Advocacy Program

    What can be a better way to show that you are on the employee’s side than launching and supporting an employee advocacy program? Don’t forget to go on social media and invite maximum participation.

  • Reward & Recognize Your Employees

    Do you know that Over 80% of employees feel unrecognized or not rewarded at their workplace? You can make your company stand out by showering your deserving employees with various types of rewards. A well-appreciated team member delivers exceptional performance at work.

  • Improve Understanding With Communication

    Communicate with your employees to gain their trust and improve your understanding of them. Keep your communication transparent and open. Learning each other’s languages like Spanish, French, or whatever foreign language is commonly spoken in your workplace, can bridge gaps and foster a deeper understanding. And most important, don’t forget that listening is vital for communicating effectively.

  • Take Regular Feedback From Employees

    The first step towards initiating employee involvement is to encourage employee feedback. The method of gathering feedback should be appropriate according to the size of your company. You may ask open-ended questions or suggestions according to your priority.

  • Provide Career Growth Opportunities

    Increase the number of training sessions and workshops at your organization. This is an excellent way of knowledge sharing, team bonding, and encouraging employee involvement. You can appoint someone skilled and experienced from inside your team who can impart knowledge to others.

  • Team Bonding Activities

    Encourage various team bonding activities to increase positivity and brotherhood among multiple teams. Employees may start their day with non-work-related good news. HR can arrange exciting quizzes. There are numerous such activities to choose from.

  • Evaluate Your Performance

    Modern feedbacks are two-way streets. It’s not only you evaluating their performance. Progressive companies take feedback from their employees regarding the work of mid-level and higher management. This feedback should be taken seriously, and necessary alterations in the working style must be made.


Any program or strategy, including employee involvement, needs proper planning and onboard executions. It’s vital to present your vision formally and transparently to your employees for them to grasp it quickly.

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