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Best 5 Examples of Employer Branding on Facebook

Kelly Barcelos on February 13, 2020 in Employer Brand

Facebook is one of the most used and most preferred social networking platforms in recent times. Launched in the year 2004, Facebook currently has over 2.41 billion monthly active users. Though Facebook was introduced as a social networking platform, it has turned out to be a great social media recruiting platform over time.

There are many companies out there who are using Facebook to find the right talent for their roles. It has become one of the most preferred channels for employer branding and recruiting today. You can use Facebook to share job opportunities, perks and benefits your company offers, as well as your company culture.

You can build an effective employer branding strategy for Facebook and promote your employer brand to your prospective candidates.

Employer Branding on Facebook

With a vast user base spread across all corners of the world, Facebook offers a fantastic platform for companies to showcase their talent brand. As you can share your job openings directly on Facebook, it helps you deliver an amazing candidate experience.

Facebook allows you to share pictures and image galleries with your followers. In addition to picture posts, Facebook also supports video content, live streaming, events, groups, and much more.

Leverage your Company’s Facebook page to strengthen your employer brand. Firstly, you can share photos and videos from your offices, and some recent company events or outings on your Company’s Facebook page.

Secondly, you can share your employee testimonial videos on your page. It is a known fact that every company will portray itself as an employer of choice. But, it is the review of your existing employees which acts as proof for the same. Job seekers, nowadays, wish to know what your employees have to say about your company.

To sum up, there are numerous ways in which you can promote your employer branding on Facebook.

Best Employer Branding Examples on Facebook

In recent years, Facebook has undoubtedly turned out to be a fantastic employer branding tool. Here are some of the best companies that have mastered employer branding on Facebook.

1. Marriott

Marriott International is a multinational hospitality company that manages a chain of hotels and resorts in various countries of the world. They believe in being an equal opportunity employer hiring a diverse workforce.

Marriott has a dedicated careers page on Facebook, where they publish their job openings and promote their employer brand. Right from shooting an amazing introductory video for their jobs to sharing their employee’s journey with us, Marriott is doing wonders at strengthening their employer brand.
Employee well-being and happiness hold great importance for the Marriott Team. They organize fun games, exciting parties, and other events for the development and betterment of their team.

Marriott is also taking a step towards making a difference in society. They organize various social events and take initiatives to bring about a change in the society we live in. These include blood donation camps, animal shelter visits, and lots more.

Marriott International - Employer Branding on Facebook

Their Facebook page will give you a peek into their lively work environment, excellent company culture, and awesome team. Marriott International is one of the best employer branding examples on Facebook.

2. Netflix

There will be no soul out there who must not have heard about Netflix to date. Netflix team has taken their employer branding efforts to the next level by leveraging their social media, especially the Facebook page.

Just like the career site, Netflix’s Facebook page also talks about its amazing company culture and its amazing employees. They post regularly about the kind of initiatives they take on board to make their employees feel comfortable. Employee videos, engaging blogs, fun meet-ups, interesting podcasts give Netflix an edge in this competitive talent market.

In addition to this, Netflix invites its employees to share their experiences working at the company and the team. Writing engaging blog posts and shooting exciting videos of their employees have worked out well for them. These videos and blogs are then shared along with their job openings.

Any company can go bragging about their company culture. But it is the opinion of the existing employees that are required to attract the best talent. Netflix indeed follows their ‘People over Process’ belief very strongly.

Netflix - Best Example of Employer Branding on Facebook

3. Spreetail

The third company to find its place in the list of best examples of employer branding on Facebook is Spreetail. Founded in the year 2006, Spreetail is an eCommerce company based in Nebraska. They aim to make the lives of their customers better by providing them with excellent shopping experience. Spreetail has been voted as Best Place to Work in 2019 by Glassdoor, under the Employees’ Choice category.

Just like Marriott International, Spreetail also has a separate page for its careers and employer branding efforts. It talks about their award-winning company culture, happening work environment, and growth opportunities for their team.

The Spreetail Team focuses more on enhancing its company culture and building a great Spreetailers team. They organize frequent events that boost their team-building efforts.

From giving a tour of their offices to allowing employees to take over their social media, Spreetail is giving us ample ideas for employee happiness. They believe in letting their team share their thoughts and demonstrate their skills.

Spreetail partners with Non-Profit Organizations and pay their contribution to society. Spreetail genuinely cares about its team and believes greatly in its happiness.

How Spreetail does Employer Branding on Facebook

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a powerful tool that helps you understand your user’s behavior on your website with the help of heatmaps and recordings. Their careers page is a perfect example of effective employer branding. They have designed their careers page to attract the right talent amazingly well.

Hotjar leverages Facebook to let their potential candidates know that they are an employer of choice. They share their company stories in the form of blogs. In these blogs, they speak about how they grew their team and their product over five years.

How Hotjar does Employer Branding on Facebook

In addition to this, they speak about their company culture. With the entire team working from remote locations, Hotjar gives their prospective candidates a gist of how the entire team collaborates with each other. They have also posted some videos of various events Hotjar has been a part of. This acts a social proof that the company has been doing well at the public front.

5. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is one of the banks that are excelling at their employer branding strategies. They have created a different page for strengthening their employer branding efforts to attract top talent.

Deutsche Bank believes in the continuous growth of its employees. And hence, offer them various opportunities as well as resources for their personal as well as professional growth. For them, intelligence and ambition are the only prerequisites for hiring.

Through their Facebook page, Deutsche Bank gives you an insight into their motivating company culture. They value their employees and feature them on the page, speaking about their experience working at the bank. In addition to this, they share details about their application processes and tips to nail their interviews. Deutsche Bank leverages video posting in their employer branding strategies.

Deutsche Bank - Employer Branding on Facebook

These were some of the best examples of employer branding on Facebook.

Employer Branding is an ongoing process that needs to be regularly updated to find the strategies that work best for you. Promoting your employer brand on social media platforms, especially Facebook is one such strategy that has worked out for most companies.

You can derive inspiration from these companies and plan out your employer branding activities. Employer branding and talent acquisition always go hand in hand. You can also sign up for recruitment software, Jobsoid for various employer branding tools, and streamline your branding efforts.

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