Archive Candidates

Set the profiles of those candidates whom you would want to consider for an opening in future as inactive and declog your candidate list.

The moment a job opening is posted on various portals, hundreds of eager candidates start sending in their applications. Some applications are impressive while some are not. And then there are some applications that you plan to take on. However, deleting the other qualified candidates seems like a loss of sorts, since you never know if you may consider them for a future opening.

You can keep such candidate applications in an inactive list in the form of an archived profile, with all the necessary information intact. Once a candidate’s profile is archived it stays in the system, safely stored to retrieve when necessary. It acts just like a filing system where you store old documents, but since it’s on the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere!

Jobsoid allows you to archive the information for any candidate who has ever applied to work in your company, retaining their information without clogging up your current talent pool. This way, you won’t lose out entirely on candidates that don’t fit the bill completely. Also, you will keep them away from mixing up with the active list of chosen candidates.

Jobsoid reduces the time and effort you would otherwise spend on deciding whether to keep a resume or application on file, or whether to discard it entirely.

Archiving not only helps to de-clog the active list and retain the information of possible future candidates but also makes it easy to search and transfer candidates from archive lists to active lists with a simple tap.