Rich Candidate Profiles

Create comprehensive candidate profiles with Jobsoid. Use this feature to maintain and access all candidate information on the go.

Here's how you can manage candidate profiles with Jobsoid.


rich candidate profile

Share candidate profiles with team members

Coordinate and collaborate with your team members online. Use @mentions to tag your hiring team to capture their attention on certain candidate’s profile. Make use of this smart feature to avoid any communication gap.

Ensure timely completion of tasks

Create and assign tasks to your team members. Set task reminders to avoid any backlogs. Overrule the need for constant follow-ups and have all tasks completed on time.

Send out quick emails and text messages

Get in touch with candidates by sending out emails from their profiles. Draft a personalized email or use one from the email templates to save time. Notify candidates of your emails by sending them through quick text messages.

Looking to simplify the candidate management process?

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