Shortlist Smarter, Hire Better

Filter out the best-fit candidate profiles easily with Jobsoid's Intelligence Engine. Quicken your recruiting process by saving time in shortlisting and interviewing all the candidate applications you receive.

Smart Filter Intelligence works in the following manner:

Fetch the skills

Key skills are fetched from the job description. You are also allowed to set custom skills.

Set the score

Every skill is given a score by default. You can increase or decrease the score as per your requirements.

Get the results

Every candidate application you receive is given a score based on these skills. You can view the results in just one click.

Shortlist Candidates faster

As the candidate profiles are given a score, you can consider only those candidate profiles which have the score on the higher part. You do not have to go through every candidate applications you receive. You have the list of best-fit candidates in few seconds.

smart filter intelligence

Save time

When using Smart Filter Intelligence, you do not spend time in going through every candidate profile you receive. You do not spend time in interviewing all candidates. Thereby, you save a lot of recruiting time.

Quicken your hiring process

You can very well concentrate on interviewing process as you require less time in shortlisting the candidates. This will, in turn, speed up your recruiting process.

rich candidate profile

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