Track Applicants across Stages

Keep a constant track on the progress of every candidate in the recruitment pipeline.


Free yourself from the hassles of maintaining spreadsheets and checking emails with a smart feature that tracks everything from bottlenecks and pending tasks to allocated work and passive candidate profiles. This feature is beneficial for those who are hiring for multiple positions and need to track all the candidates at every stage.

To hire a bunch of talented professionals, you need to keep a constant track of every applicant and organize those thousands of resumes coming in from multiple sources.

You can now manage your heavy hiring workflow effortlessly with automation. This feature structures your recruitment process from scratch by allowing you to focus on every candidate as he/she flows through the different stages of your sourcing funnel. This effectively speeds up your recruitment process across stages and assists the management of candidates as they pass from one phase to another. When you can track candidates at every step, you are in a better position to identify opportunities and areas for improvement. This will, in turn, improve your recruiting velocity and drive better hiring decision faster.