Candidate Engagement Emails

Keep your candidates updated about their recruitment status. Send out emails to them about their recruitment status or any other update. Make them feel engaged in your recruitment process.

If a certain candidate or list of candidates seems to fit your organization’s requirements, you can use Jobsoid to send them personalized emails that encourage further engagement. This could be something as simple as inviting them in for an interview or acknowledging their application, or communicating with them asking for specific documents, etc.

Most recruiters also use questionnaires and tests to trim down the applicant pool further and filter out those who may not fit. Whether your team uses documents for this purpose or an online link, you can send the relevant communication to all your shortlisted candidates or specific ones, with just a few simple clicks.

When applicants respond to your emails, you will receive a notification on the Applicant Tracking System. If there are multiple recruiters within your company, who have the relevant permissions, any one of them can draft and send out engagement emails!

Say bye to your email client for good!