Customizable Templates

Draft and save email messages as templates for later use. Rely on this quick emailing feature to save time.

Learn how Jobsoid can help you use your existing email templates every time you draft a new email.


customizable templates

Save recruiting time with ready-to-send templates

Draft and save your email messages as templates and use them when you compose an email next. Pick a desired template from the saved ones by clicking on the text editor icon. Have the message automatically inserted in the text area and send out emails in a split second.

Ensure seamless communication by managing your email templates

Select your preferred email type from the templates drop-down menu. Follow this step to quicken your email sending process and ensure seamless communication. Draft your message and style it using the options provided by the rich text editor. Categorize and save into various email templates for future reference.

Add a personal touch to your email communications

Use Jobsoid’s rich text editor to create emails that are personalized to match your requirements. Format the text using various formatting styles, insert images or external links, and attach multiple files in just one click to create a well-crafted and customized message.

Looking for ways to catch candidate's attention with your email communication?

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