Customizable Templates

Save the messages you send to your candidates as templates and use them whenever required. Save time on writing emails by using this quick email drafting feature.

customizable templates

The one thing that recruiters use the most in their day-to-day work is email. Designed in the interest of saving tremendous time and effort, this feature lets you draft multiple templates that are ready to send. From interview calls and professional follow-ups to job offers and polite thank you emails, you can customize every template and bring consistency to your work. Save time and improve work efficiency by sharing multiple templates across company locations.

Make your brand more attractive for your candidates by delivering a consistent and positive experience with professional and timely email notifications. Jobsoid integrates with your Gmail and Outlook accounts to simplify your communication log and makes it super easy for you to connect with multiple applicants without losing track.

A positive candidate experience depends on the consistency of communication and a user-friendly processing.

Encourage collaboration with this efficient recruiting assistant and free up your time for what you do best- interviewing!