Email Notifications to Users

Every activity that happens in your Jobsoid account is tracked and an email notification is sent out to the concerned users notifying them about it. You can choose to stop these email notifications if you want.

Jobsoid is designed to keep every user in the loop, with a range of features that offer real-time updates and notifications. Every time changes are made on the cloud, recruiters with the necessary permissions will receive a notification, and this applies to emails sent and received by the integrated software too.

If a potential candidate sends in his application via email or responds to earlier communications, you will receive an email to notify you about it. This means that users don’t have to be logged into the Applicant Tracking System to be kept updated, and the administrator can choose who receives these emails.

Changes made to a candidate profile, the addition of tags and comments, scheduled interviews, creation and deletion of job postings, completed tasks and reminders – These are just a few of the things users be notified of via email!