Receive Emails from Candidates

Say bye to your email inbox for good. Receive all emails from your candidates on their profiles. You can also save the documents that the candidate sends in as an attachment on the candidate profile.


After posting a job application across various portals, you may find it difficult to keep track of all the emails you receive, especially if you’re toggling between your email client and your recruitment software. Jobsoid relieves you of this work by integrating with your email, so you can send, receive and view every email in a centralized location.

The smart features of this Applicant Tracking System also allow you to upload resumes and applications you receive via email, so they’re automatically turned into candidate profiles in a central pool. When a new email is sent in for an open position, Jobsoid notifies you instantly, and you can access it on the cloud from any location.

The system works with multiple file formats, so you will not have to waste time or effort on cumbersome manual conversion into accepted formats. This also reduces the possibility of overlooking an applicant just because they used the wrong format for their resume!

Juggling between multiple applications is a history with Jobsoid!