Receive Applications on Email

Receive multiple email applications and maintain rich candidate profiles in a structured format. Achieve both with Jobsoid!

Know how you can receive candidate applications directly into your Jobsoid account.

candidates from email

Receive job applications in your inbox

Besides allowing job applications via job boards, expand your reach by receiving applications on email. Configure your email account with Jobsoid and have a copy of the job application directly in your inbox.

Maintain structured candidate profiles with ease

Generate rich candidate profiles in a structured format, every time you receive a new application. The in-build feature, resume parser, supports and scans all file formats and extracts relevant candidate data in no time.

Auto-assign jobs to candidates

Ease your burden of doing manual entries. Get your candidates auto-assigned to the job, thanks to the job-specific email designated by Jobsoid. Simply view and copy the email address from the ‘Job Details’ page to assign candidates to the respective job openings.

Looking for ways to manage large candidate applications?

Reach out to a larger talent pool and say no to the tedious task of tracking each candidate application. Get started with Jobsoid for free to make it all happen.