All Candidates in One Place

View all candidate applications that you receive from various sources in a central talent pool. The candidate profiles are easily accessible to all members of your hiring team.

All Candidates in One Place

There is no single route to recruitment success. You need a whole gamut of sources like job boards, employee referrals, social networks, premium listings and more. Get a head start on your sourcing efforts by publishing your openings on actively-used job boards that are visited by millions of job-seekers every month.

A few highlights of this feature:

  • Targets talented candidates on highly trafficked job boards
  • Helps you connect with high-quality and hard-to-find candidates
  • Empowers you to bring the best talent on board
  • Enables you to manage multiple job postings from a single place
  • Delivers daily reports to help you track your hiring progress

Have your job openings auto-posted on premium job boards and filter applications based on your present requirements to source faster and hire better talent.