Customizable Application Form

Design the candidate application form to suit your hiring requirements. Add custom fields to capture relevant candidate information in short order.

Learn how you can create a custom application form with Jobsoid.


Customizable Application Form

Personalize the application form to your hiring needs

Give a suitable title to your application form and add a set of instructions to help candidates navigate easily. Go to the Settings section of your Jobsoid account to add and rename sections you wish to display or to make changes suiting your recruitment needs.

Choose and add from various question styles

Whether it is a multiple-choice question, a drop-down format, or one that carries objective answers, add a befitting one to obtain required candidate information. Include question branching to guide candidates through a series of questions following their responses. Make the most of your recruitment efforts by designing a different application form for each job category.

Drag and rearrange fields to obtain applicable candidate information

Decide the order of different sections in the form by rearranging them as per your needs. Facilitate easy form navigation and capture important candidate information via this step.

Invite applications via social media networks

Customize your job application process to include applications via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook. Design your application form such that it encourages candidates to tap on these social media channels.

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