Customizable Application Form

Design your candidate application form according to your hiring requirements. Add custom questions, change the layout of the form, enable/disable fields to personalize the application form.

Customizable Application Form

Jobsoid allows you to add pre-screening questions and other required fields to your application form for precise filtering of qualified candidates. Design a different application form for every job category and manage your recruitment flow more efficiently by capturing relevant information.

You can also make your fields optional or mandatory and add any of the following to your standard format:

  • Textbox
  • Drop down menu
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Yes/No
  • Employment History
  • Questionnaires

Adding a few extra questions to your standard format can save you and your hiring team a lot of screening time which can be constructively used in selecting the right candidates.

This easy-to-use feature allows you to customize everything in the application form including the theme, fields, and the sections. The profiles created from the application forms are displayed in a structured format for easy viewing on any device. This facilitates easy management of applications from a single place.

Jumpstart your sourcing efforts with Jobsoid!