Multiple File Formats

Jobsoid's resume parser supports resumes in various formats. Have rich candidate profiles created for you no matter which formats you are receiving candidate resumes in.

Since different candidates use different formats when writing a resume, this Applicant Tracking System is designed in a manner that works with multiple formats. Jobsoid is adept at accepting any kind of format used by applicants, from PDF, HTML, and RTF to DOCX and DOC.

This feature helps reduce recruiter workload and time a great deal, since the moment a candidate’s email or an online application is received, the software converts attachments into the essential formats that are readable by the system and easy to search when required. This way, you don’t have to spend time manually converting them.

This Applicant Tracking System helps you to save your precious time as well as the cumbersome back-and-forth communication that could have taken place with applicants, considering your company’s requirement for submissions in appropriate formats. All the original attachments are preserved as documents, ready for download when needed.

Also, Jobsoid also ensures that qualified candidates don’t get left out for the inability to convert documents to desired formats. With the acceptance of multiple formats, the system automatically uploads candidate profiles through the resume parser functionality so that you can access everything in one place in a standard format.

Using this software is easy, and you don’t need to worry about the kind of format used for creating the resume (and neither do the potential candidates applying for a position). You can keep your focus on selecting the right candidate, without wasting any time.