Nurture Talent Using Automated Campaigns

Get in touch with talented candidates and keep your subscribers in the loop of all the developments. Switch to Jobsoid and make this happen via an automated campaign.

Here’s how you can nurture a wide talent pool via Jobsoid.
Choose the campaign frequency and recipients

Create a one-off or a recurring campaign, depending on your requirements. Send it to the audience of your choice by clicking on the desired recipients’ category or by selecting them manually. Schedule the campaign to a date and time that is most feasible or get started with it immediately!

Determine the campaign's outreach

Track the total number of recipients that have received and opened the email. Also, know the number of clicks generated and the count who unsubscribed or failed to receive the email. Get real-time insights into the performance of your recruitment campaign.

Thinking how to keep your audience and candidates engaged?

Sign up for a free Jobsoid account and stay in touch with a large talent pool via an easy and automated method.