Upload Resumes and Spreadsheets

Import all of your existing candidate data into your account and have rich candidate profiles created in a few clicks. Resumes and spreadsheets in multiple file formats are supported.

upload resumes spreadsheets

If you have received multiple applications for different openings and your inbox is flooded with CVs in different formats, you are sure to spend a lot of your time looking for the right candidate from this huge collection of resumes.

Get your recruiting process right, from the very start with a bulk upload. Rather than uploading every file one by one, you can move it all in one go.

Yes! Now there is no need for you to struggle with the bulk of resumes that are scattered in your database or the ones you are bombarded with, following a job posting.

All your resume formats will be automatically parsed right away with zero human effort. Compress your time-to-hire with a single click and stay sorted!