Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews seamlessly in a few clicks. Add time slots for the interview and eliminate the need for back and forth phone calls for interview confirmations.

interview scheduling

A smooth interview process starts with the right scheduling. If your interview schedule has left you frustrated and confused, you can now simplify it with a fully customizable interview calendar that keeps all the information you need in a clean, uncluttered format. You can now have all the information you need at your fingertips – from allocating interview slots and sending emails to receiving confirmations and collaborating with team members, this auto-scheduling feature does everything on your behalf and frees up a ton of your time so that you can focus on getting things done.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates the need to go back and forth on email threads
  • Schedules multiple interviews simultaneously to save your time
  • Sends instant notifications about interview timing and venue to keep the candidates updated and informed
  • Allows the candidates to select their interview time slot
  • Keeps your team members in the loop to avoid confusion
  • Sends reminders to both the recruiters and the candidates about the scheduled interview
  • Sends real-time notifications when candidates confirm their availability
  • Keeps you and your team informed about busy and free slots so that you can make last minute changes with ease

Once you are done with the interview process, you can also share your feedback and ratings with team members. This flexible feature eliminates the possibility of scheduling errors and delivers a great interview experience to maximize your conversion rate.