Discuss and Comment on Candidates

Coordinate with your hiring team members from various departments seamlessly. Add your comments to candidate profiles and have a frutiful discussions to make a best hire.


One of the biggest challenges that most recruiters face is coordinating between various departments and individuals who are involved in the recruitment and hiring process. It gets very tiresome if you have to follow up with each person individually, communicating over internal systems or emails with internal and external personnel.

Jobsoid allows you to add comments to various profiles. It also allows you to add tasks which could be instructions about what to do next or extra candidate information you’ve gathered through social media, phone calls, etc. Interviewers can also share notes about an applicant’s performance in different interview rounds; external sources can be mentioned, and much more.

If you want to gather the attention of your team to a certain section in a candidate profile, you can add a comment for their perusal. Comments can also be used to add your notes about each potential candidate, and then filter through the talent pool based on things you no longer need to memorize.

Since Jobsoid is entirely cloud-based, you can access these comments from anywhere without wasting time and energy on tracking down an email or notepad in which someone listed their views or feedback. It can also help keep track on any follow-up questions or tasks that may be needed at a later stage in the hiring process.

Your organization’s HR and recruiting team can save a lot of time when evaluation comments, feedback, and notes are easily available. The smart Applicant Tracking System also paves the way for a smoother and more accurate recruitment workflow.