Indeed Sponsored Listings now on Jobsoid

Indeed Sponsored Listings now on Jobsoid!

Kelly Barcelos on July 17, 2019 in Product Updates

Indeed is reported to be the world’s #1 job site (according to comScore, Total Visits, March 2018) available in over 60 countries and 28 languages. Our new integration with Indeed Sponsored Listings gives you a simple yet cost-effective way to maximize the visibility of your jobs.

Sponsoring Jobs on Indeed

It is said that approximately 9.8 jobs are being added on Indeed every second. The Indeed Search Results show a combination of non-sponsored as well as sponsored jobs. So as these new jobs are added, non-sponsored jobs move lower and lower in the search results. Thereby, affecting their visibility to the candidates. By sponsoring your jobs on Indeed, you are making a way for your jobs to stand out. Such jobs are placed higher in Indeed Search Results and do not get lost in search results over time like free listings.

Here are some of the advantages of sponsoring your Jobs on Indeed.

Receive up to 5X more clicks

Sponsored jobs are always placed at the top and the bottom of the Search Results page. As your jobs are the first jobs the candidates see, they receive more clicks.

Customize your campaign

You have the flexibility to choose how long you wish to run your campaign and what budget you want to spend. If you feel you are not receiving the desired number of candidate applications, you can increase your budget. If you feel you have received too many or enough applications, you can pause your campaign or stop sponsoring your jobs altogether.

Indeed Sponsored Listings work on the pay-per-click model. You pay for unique clicks you receive on your jobs.

Monitor the campaign performance

Track the performance of your sponsored jobs with the help of analytics and reports. You can also optimize your campaigns by altering your jobs and the budget accordingly. Calculate the ROI and make intelligent decisions about paid promotions.

You can sponsor the jobs belonging to the following categories.

  • Hard to fill roles
  • High volume roles
  • Seasonal roles
  • Evergreen roles

Jobsoid is now integrated with Indeed Sponsored Listings.

You can now sponsor your job openings directly from your ATS, without having to login externally into your Indeed Account. We have curated some affordable plans for you so that you reach the desired audience faster and hire the best talent. You can learn more about sponsoring your jobs from your Jobsoid account by visiting our help center – How to sponsor jobs on Indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Aren’t my jobs already being published on Indeed?

    2. Yes, your jobs are already being published on Indeed Public Postings. However, this new integration will allow you to sponsor any of your jobs directly from Jobsoid.

    3. Why should I sponsor my jobs on Indeed?

    4. It is found that sponsored jobs receive up to 5X more clicks than non-sponsored jobs. If you wish to get high-quality candidates faster, sponsoring your jobs would be a feasible option. The pay-per-click model ensures that you pay only when a job seeker clicks on your sponsored job posting.

    5. I don’t have an Indeed account. Can I sponsor my jobs on Indeed?

    6. Yes. If you do not have an Indeed account (or who have an Indeed account without proper billing information), you will receive an email from Indeed with your account set-up instructions.

    7. I already have an Indeed account. Do I need to do anything else after I click on the sponsor button?

    8. If you have an Indeed account that matches the email address you use in Jobsoid and have set up your billing information, you do not have to do anything else after clicking on the Sponsor button. Your campaign will go live in a few hours time. You can view your campaign details on your Indeed Dashboard.

    9. How do I know if my sponsored campaigns are working or not?

    10. You can log in to your Indeed account and check its Reporting and Analytics section. You will be able to monitor the desired metrics and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

    11. How can I manage my sponsored job postings?

    12. You can always Stop/Pause/End your campaigns sponsored via Jobsoid. You can manage your campaigns and access the reports and analytics on your Indeed Dashboard.


Give your hard-to-fill job roles some extra visibility. Sponsor your jobs on Indeed via Jobsoid and get more candidate applications!

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